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circus peanuts

March 30, 2007

lately i have been craving the ‘circus peanut’ candy.

this craving is kind of interesting, to me at least, because i can pretty much take or leave the marshmallow.

and since i mentioned marshmallows…

i remember spending a summer in iowa. during my time there my cousin roger and i were buring a huge pile of branches and such. in the course of that burn, we roasted marshmallows– because nothing says flavor like food cooked over trash. my cousin found it amusing that my idea of the perfectly toasted marshmallow is not too different than the marshmallow that comes out of the bag.


stairway to a memory

March 25, 2007

recently my wife and i were driving along when the song “stairway to heaven” came on the radio.  as the song was playing my wife made a comment that “stairway…” ruined slow dancing.  her comment made me think….

1a. back in the day i am attending Hill Jr High in Long Beach, CA.  i went to my first dance one Friday nite in the gym.  there is a band playing cover tunes.  they play the Led Zepellin classic: “Stairway to Heaven.”  i dance with a girl i know, Kiki P.  when it comes to the rockin’ part of the song we both just stand there and watch the band.

1b. Kiki’s brother, Joe, used to collect money on Halloween for UNICEF.  unknowing to those who donate, he is actually collecting money for gas.

1c. Kiki is on her way to the Senior Prom.  she and her date stop at a convenience store.  the convenience store gets robbed while they are there.  fortunately no one was hurt.

m e m o r i e s .

“….and she’s buying a stairway to heaven.”