an observation

In going to a couple yard sales today I made an observation:

It takes a confident person to try and sell a Fleet Enema or catheter supplies at a yard sale.

At least that is what I think….


11 Responses to “an observation”

  1. Mr H Says:

    Well did you buy them?

  2. David S. Says:


  3. aaron Says:

    I would contend that it takes an even more deeply confident person to BUY them.

  4. Mr H Says:


  5. papa herman Says:

    Mr H

    I think Aaron answered your question, as both you and I know that I AM NOT confident enough….

  6. Symeon Says:

    Greetings Papa, Christ is risen!

    Just wanted to let you know that I have gone the way of the buffalo–you being that buffalo. I’m now on wordpress.


  7. aaron Says:

    Papa, you’re going extinct?? Cool…pretty prestigious!

  8. Symeon Says:

    Cripes! Incorrect metaphor…perhaps more appropriate is that of the “bandwagon,” wordpress being the result of the effect and Papa being the catalyst (…still quite prestigious.

  9. aaron Says:

    Symeon, never mind a giant jerk like me…forgive the jab and jest, thanks for being gracious about it. And agreed, the band wagon has a prestige all its own.

  10. Spoke Says:

    Catheters huh? Quite like underwear at Value Village or other “goodwill” places. Bless ya for parting with them, but yoiks if you’re a buyin’.
    Dentures come to mind too….
    Half used creams….
    old-man hats…

  11. papa herman Says:

    i was not selling or buying… just an observation. 🙂

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