questions asked

Yesterday evening, following Vespers, my wife was standing outside of Church with Andrew, our youngest. When the following occured:

Silouan must have asked Andrew a question, to which Andrew answered with a “no.”
Silouan asked him, “What is the opposite of ‘No’?”
To which Andrew responded, “Because.”

Never try to mentally ‘mix it up’ with a three year old.

and at no additional charge
from my ‘observational questions’ mental-file:

Why is it when we see a cat roaming free we think nothing of it; other than we wish someone would control their cat because it might make a mess in our flowerbeds. But when we see a dog running loose we assume it is a lost dog, and maybe even feel sorry for it.

Do we feel sorry for the dogs because we secretly think that dogs might not be able to make it on their own?
Or do we just fear that roaming dogs might attack us?


3 Responses to “questions asked”

  1. handmaidmaryleah Says:

    Because we have been told repeated to leash our dogs and not our cats.
    Curb your dog. Control your dog.
    It just sounds silly when you tack “cat” on the end 🙂
    Your kids sound great and someone us using that logic on them;
    No? Because I said so.
    Christ is Risen!
    the handmaid,

  2. juliansdaughter Says:

    I worry about both. Cats can take care of themselves better than dogs but dogs miss a master or mistress more than a cat ever will. As far as they are conscious of such things, homelessness hurts a dog more. Oddly I find there are more charities willing to house and not destroy a cat till it can be homed.

    When I asked my sister the opposite of yes, she said ‘maybe’. That’s what happens when kids hang out with their mothers too much 😉

  3. Mr H Says:

    This is funny…you are right dogs need serious help. Cats do what they want and can pretty much make it on their own no matter what. I’m a cat person can you tell???


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