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May 27, 2007

The other day I pondered aloud to my friend Brian, “Haile Selassie didn’t have dreadlocks, so why do Rastafarians have them?”

The next day I was reading an interview with Michael Wilson, a former Rastafarian who had become a Christian, in the ‘Road to Emmaus’ magazine when I read these words:

Dreadlocks were first introduced to Jamaica from a National Geographic photo of an Ethiopian Coptic monk with dreads who had come from his monastery down to the city to preach the Gospel. So, in 1930’s Jamaica, when people saw this picture of a monk with his Bible, his staff, and his dreadlocks, they began doing the same things that we came to as Rastas in the 70’s — growing their dreads, reading their Bibles. They could see there was something real in these pictures and they tried to reach it by copying what they saw, just as I did fifty years later.



the sea i saw

May 27, 2007

This afternoon, driving home after a picnic; I saw green wheat fields waving as the wind blew through them.

It looked like the ocean.


May 22, 2007

Stacy at La joie de Dieu est folie shares about selling possessions and preparing for her move to Uganda.

Today I participated in the ‘other’ version of the moving game.

Local college students are moving out, which also means they are tossing stuff out… I took a drive behind some of the student housing on my way home from work. With the permission of the students I was able to bring home for free: a desk, a chair, a small table and a working computer –score!!

from page to film

May 22, 2007

Two books that I enjoyed were the Persepolis graphic novels by Marjan Satrapi. Last nite I learned that they have made an animated version of Persepolis. Unfortunately it is in French (unfortunate because I do not understand French.) But since it is an animated film, I hope that they will consider releasing it in English if it comes to the States.

Here is the film trailer, in French:

I recommend the Persepolis books for a good introduction to building an understanding of modern Iran.

an evening of culture

May 21, 2007

Last nite I went with a friend to see the play “Accidental Death of an Anarchist” at a local college.

It was a good play with a lot of political commentary, which my punk-formed politics was amused by.

This play, inspired by an actual event, intially began as a SNL type of act; but as more information about the death of the anarchist was made known, the play grew.


May 21, 2007

I can’t believe it was two weekends ago that our family went to Portland for Mother’s Day Weekend.

We had a great time– The hotel we stayed in served a continental breakfast each morning, so I was able to eat biscuits and gravy three days in a row!!! (i am a big fan of biscuits and gravy.)

Saturday morning we went to the Saturday Market. Andrew was pretty fascinated by the rail system that goes through the Market area. Tansy and Becket were entertained by a street performer who did all sorts of tricks; this prompted Becket to pick up a book on magicians at Powell’s later that day.

After the Saturday Market we went to Voodoo Doughnut, Juliana and Tansy both ordered the maple bar with bacon on it… I had a bite, it was okay… now if Voodoo were to make a maple bar filled with sausage I would be all over that bad boy. Voodoo Doughnuts also makes vegan donuts too.

Hot tip, the Union 76 Station on Burnside and Fourth (??) offers all day parking for $3 on Saturdays.

We also went to the Way of the Pilgrim Bookstore (526 NE 21st Street @ Hoyt.) I picked up a copy of ‘Wade In The River –The story of the African Christian Faith’ by Fr. Paisius Altschul. Juliana picked up some books and a burial shroud.

Saturday also included a trip to Powell’s and the Bins.

Powell’s currently has on display in their gallery upstairs artwork by Alberto Cerriteno.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and on Juliana’s agenda was a tour of places associated with the authorBeverly Cleary. This was a fun little jaunt… we saw the house she grew up in from ages 8-12, I even had a short chat with the daughter of the lady who currently lives in the house. The tour is of locations that events and such in her books are based on. This tour is a kind of ‘do it yourself’ gig, if interested you can get the information here.

We also made a stop at the Art & Craft Extravaganza. This is a cool little DIY type of craft thing. I am a fan of the Ready Made magazine, and seeing that they were one of the sponsors of this event we had to go check it out.

We made another stop at Powell’s (can a person go there too many times?) While Juliana was at Powell’s I went to a place around the corner called Reading Frenzy, an independent bookstore. Seeing work by Nikki McClure in the store I asked the man working if he had seen the book ‘Father Herman: Alaska’s Saint’ which Nikki McClure did the artwork for. He hadn’t, but did go to the St. Herman Press website.

We also went and stomped around the Hawthorne area too.

That evening at dinner, the resturant we ate at was pretty full. The table we sat at was rather close to the table next to us. In getting up to go to the salad bar I would attempt to squeeze through and not hit my head on the light above our table… on one occassion I did miss the lamp, but unfortunately for the people at the next table my butt pushed the woman’s plate, ummm Happy Mother’s Day?? opps.

Monday morning also featured some hanging out at Jamison Square Park where the kids were able to play in the water. Jamison Square Park has a “fountain” which is huge an simulates a tidal pool of sorts… water comes and goes, perfect for kids!

Ate lunch at Pizza Schmizza, good stuff. I had a slice of the Genoa.

I enjoy visiting Portland because it inspires me. Looking back it was a good weekend for all of us.

nothing new… unfortunately

May 19, 2007

I am currently reading a book by Fr. Paisius Altschul called ‘Wade In The River –The story of the African Christian Faith.’

While reading I came across a quote from St. Cyprian of Carthage. It struck me how fitting his words were for our current age; which is interesting considering that St. Cyprian was Martyred in 258 AD. The quotes are taken from his ‘Letter’ to Donatus:

“Look down at the roads full of robbers, the sea infested with pirates and military bases spreading war and slaughter everywhere. It is a world wet with the blood of people slaughtering each other, where murder is regarded as a crime if committed by individuals but is called a public service when carried out en masse, as if it were not the question of innocence but the extent of the savagery that determines freedom from guilt.”

And regarding lust he wrote:

“If only from your high vantage point you could penetrate the most secret places, unbolt the doors of bedrooms and expose the most hidden recesses to the full glare of vision, you would see the shameless commit acts which would revolt a modest glance. You would see what is a crime even to look at; you would see what people, crazed by the fires of their lust, deny and yet rush headlong to commit. Deranged by desire they thurst themselves at each other. Acts are committed which even their perpetrators dislike.”

simple geometry

May 17, 2007

inspired by all of the bicyclists that i saw riding around Portland, i have been riding my bike to work these past two days. and the fact that gas costs are what they are, the money i am saving is a bonus too.

yesterday as i left work a coworker yelled to me, “trying to get in shape?”

this morning as i was riding to work i thot more about his question, and it dawned on me:

i am in shape, my shape is more roundish.
a circle, a square, a triangle, a rectangle, even oblong are all shapes… but “thin” –not a shape.

it is simple geometry.

so to be accurate, a person who is attempting to change their physical body dynamic is not getting “in shape;” they already are in a shape. what they are doing is trying to get “out of a shape.”

something that would be fun to do:

May 16, 2007

–sing in an acapella group that sang only punk songs.

i can almost hear the melodious sounds wafting in the air:
“California Uber Alles California Uber Alles Uber Alles California Uber Alles California….”


May 16, 2007

Tomorrow, May 17th, will be a historic day for the Orthodox Church. Tomorrow the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) will reunify after 80 years.

What especially brings me joy in this event is the joy that I think St. Tikhon, the Patriarch of Moscow and St. John of San Francisco must feel upon seeing this day arrive.

What follows is the Pre-Ascension Epistle from Archbishop Kyrill, the Ruling Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America:

[May 12, 2007] Dear Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and Children,


As the end of the Paschal period of the Church year approaches we remember not only the joy of Christ’s resurrection, not only the victory of the faithfullness and love of the Myrrhbearing Women, but also the fear of the Apostles, Thomas’ unbelief and the blind man’s lack of vision. The qualities of these last ones – fear, unbelief, blindness – repeat themselves continuously not only in the general life of the Church, but also in the spiritual lives of each one of us. And nevertheless, for those who are with Christ – trust and love always conquer.

Dear faithful of the Western American Diocese, we stand on the threshhold of a great and holy event. On May 17, 2007, the feast of the Lord’s Ascension, by the mercy of God, Russian Church unity will be restored. On this day in Moscow His Holiness Alexey II, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia and His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, will sign the “Act of Canonical Communion.” Following the signing of the Act, the hierarchs and clergy of the two parts of the Russian Church, in Russia and abroad, for the first time after an 80 year division, will jointly celebrate the Divine Liturgy and with one heart and one mouth approach the Holy Chalice of Christ.

This unity is the result of God’s Grace, the blood of the New Martyrs of Russia and the sorrow and suffering of our fathers and mothers. It has been achieved by us through many prayers and much heartfelt anguish, especially in the course of the last five years, when the questions regarding the relationship between the Church in Russia and the Church Abroad were intensely debated and discussed.

The prophetic prayer of the heavenly patron of our Western American Diocese, the great hierarch, man of prayer and ascetic, Saint John, the Wonderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco, has been heard:

“We pray to the Lord, that He will hasten the coming of that long-desired and awaited hour, when the First Hierarch of All Russia, going up to his Patriarchal place in the Cathedral of the Dormition in Moscow, will gather around him all the Russian Archpastors, who have come from all the Russian and foreign lands.” (Explanatory Address to the Flock of Shanghai, October 2, 1946)

I call upon all of you, dear brothers and sisters, to join in this joyous celebration of the restoration of Russian Church unity: those of you who from the beginning of the process worked towards this unity and believed in the victory of Christ; those who came to an understanding and accepted the process later, at the third hour, the sixth hour, the ninth hour – without any doubt and fear. I especially ask those, who at the eleventh hour still have doubts and do not fully comprehend the meaning of the present historical Church event: lay aside your doubts and fears and soften your hearts. Let us recall the words of Saint Nicholas of Serbia on the Feast of Ascension:

“As Christ ascended unto heaven He blessed the people. Thus our Lord revealed to us a great practical wisdom. In blessing our close ones, and only blessing them, can we ascend in Spirit to the heavens. With a blessing we lift ourselves up, but with a curse (condemnation) we bring ourselves down. What we give is what we receive. If we give a blessing – we receive a blessing; if we curse (condemn), then we receive condemnation. Thus, a blessing is a condition of our spiritual ascension.” (Letter 127, To Brother Zdravko T., On the Lord’s Ascension).

On the day of Ascension let us bless our brothers and sisters of the much suffering Church of Russia, so that we can now, together, in the fold of one united Russian Church, work towards our spiritual ascension.

May the Lord’s blessing be with you!

Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America

April 27/May 12, 2007

for additional information regarding this, i encourage you to go to