how would you finish this sentence: ‘my trip to portland must include…’

soon our family will be going to Portland, OR to spend the weekend as a getaway.

we like Portland, and so we look forward to this opportunity. our family has it’s regular haunts when we go to Portland, but this time around i would like to possibly suggest something new.

what i am asking for is: your suggestions of places to check out in Portland…

–places that are on your ‘must’ list when you go to Portland.
–places that are unique… eclectic… weird… yet a place i can take my 3 year old to.
–places that most people forget to see; or that people do not know about.

have any ideas?


13 Responses to “how would you finish this sentence: ‘my trip to portland must include…’”

  1. karandom Says:

    I think the answers to this question are reliant on where you origin from or call home. I am from the place called San Diego, so the water falling (waterfalls) are a must. I really, really like the metal fastened with screws and nuts too, bridges that is.


  2. christina Says:

    As a native Portlander here are some things I would suggest…
    If you like bridges, then you need to stop by and see the St. John’s Bridge. It’s out of te way but by far the most beautiful bridge in Portland. It has a nice park under/near it.

    I like the zoo here. And we just went yesterday. And they have a new black bear exhibit that is combined with their eagle exhibit. We enjoyed it.

    The waterfalls are great, so is vista lookout.

    YaHalla restaurant… not necessarily a kids place. Maybe better for lunch? Excellent middle eastern food.

    Burgerville. Best fast food and good for everyone (the environment, etc.)

    St John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church. Lots of great people:)

    the blankenstein home?
    i tried to not include Powell’s because you already know about that.

  3. aaron Says:

    If I were going to Portland, I would head over to Voodoo Doughnuts:

    I like doughnuts.

  4. aaron Says:

    oh, don’t miss out on the Bacon Maple bars.

  5. Mr H Says:

    Herman…there’s a place in the Hollywood district called Violet’s Cafe…it’s a breakfast place (hole in the wall) you would have to wait to get a table (there were people with small children there when we went) but if you wanted the best breakfast you ever had? I’d go there!!! Anyway that’s my best kept secret in Ptown. I’d also strongly STRONGLY advise stopping in at a Baja Fresh. Matt and I dream of going to Portland just so we can hit a baja fresh and usually eat there more than once while staying…of course go down to Way of the Pilgrim bookstore and if you want some real fun go over a couple of blocks from there and enjoy all the fun shops down 21st. Enjoy…we’re jealous…Matt and I love Portland (just to visit) even both we’ve both lived there at one point in time. Although if I had to pick a Big City to live in it’d be Portland ~ MRS H.

  6. Belladonna Says:

    The ORIGINAL geocache placed by Dave Ulmer on May 3rd 2000 is in the Portland area.
    One day I’ll have to get over that way to find it.

  7. Agni Says:

    My vote is for the Zoo and Saturday market. My favorite childhood memories of visitng my grandparents in Portland is going to the Portland Zoo. Saturday Market has something for everyone.

  8. John Says:

    I have two…

    1) The Old Spaghetti Factory – So as to have mizithra cheese ala Homer w/the Ma’ae family!

    2) The (Antiochian) Parish Life Conference being hosted by St. George in Portland – So as to have time to hang out w/the Ma’ae family!

  9. Mr H Says:

    Baja Fresh, Stump Town, 2nd ave records, Saturday Market, OMSI, ZOO, Museum of Art, Oregon History Museum, Who Song and Larry’s mexican resturant, Water front, Malibu Grand Prix, Oak’s park, A taste of Philly, Oregon City Water falls,

  10. Mr H Says:

    Way of the pilgrim, Powell’s, Lovejoy district, ect.

  11. George Says:

    Hello papa herman. I’m a friend of Soph Frangakis. As a current Oregonian in Portland I’d recommend the Rose Gardens, Japanese Gardens, and of course the infamous Pittock Mansion. If you can drive a while check out the gorge. There’s a beautiful little monestary two hours from Portland called St John the Baptist. It’s located in Goldendale, WA. The Eldress there is a spiritual child of Elder Ephraim from Mt. Athos. For Sunday worship: Holy Trinity (soon to be a cathedral)is very rich in traditional Orthodoxy, St. John the Baptist is amazingly full of spirituality, and St. George is amazing is all aspects as well, especially their choir.

  12. papa herman Says:

    Thank you all for sharing your many ideas and suggestions.

    Tomorrow (Friday) afternoon we are leaving town for a couple of days for a Mother’s Day weekend in Portland.

  13. aaron Says:


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