yesterday a co-worker was sharing with me about the time his son told him, “Mom said that you are not suppose to live your life through me…” –this was in reference to his son’s participation in sports.

this afternoon it dawned on me, that i am currently doing this with Becket (aka the Cat Wrangler.) i am living vicariously through Becket. but the truth is i am not anywhere near hip enough to try and live through his sports efforts; nah, i am too much of a geek for that. i am living vicariously through his… garden.

with my encouragement Becket is currently raising up a garden of sunflowers and pumpkins. the plan is to sell bouquets of sunflowers during the summer, and then have a pumpkin stand in the Fall. a simple way for him to make some money, and to learn about the effort that goes into earing a dollar.

but the deal is, i think i am more into this idea than he is. i am all into the preparing, watering, raising up –i am not so excited about the selling part, fortunately he is better at that than i am.

so i push Becket to water and help me do the stuff that is needed to make the garden a success… kind of like a Dad who encourages his kid in sports, all the while secretly wishing it was him that was on the team.

thankfully Becket lets me help with the garden; though i know i won’t get a dollar of any profits made.

oh well, i least i get to play.


5 Responses to “vicarious”

  1. aaron Says:

    I thought of an alternate name for your blog should you ever require one:

    In the Process of Weirding Out

    …..uhh, i think it’s cool.

  2. Margi Says:

    It will be a nice memory for him later on. He may even forget all your prodding to water the plants. My mother made me grow a flower garden when I was little (she grew up in posh flats in London where even during the war the people would rather eat less than dig a cabbage) and she lived out her childhood flower garden dream through me. Looking back though it’s nice to remember those flowers.

  3. papa herman Says:

    thank you Margi for the feedback, i hope that he has fond memories of this. i know he isn’t too big on the work aspect of this endeavor; but he does have positive memories of year’s past when he had a pumpkin stand.

    Aaron… i have temporarily changed the name of this blogsite; i have dedicated this change to you!!

  4. aaron Says:

    PAPA!!!! I bow before thee…I’m not worthy!!!

    Hahaha! Thanks Papa.

  5. in the process of weeding out Says:

    […] choose to sit in. If one is at our house, and they cannot find me–may I suggest checking the garden […]

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