I can’t believe it was two weekends ago that our family went to Portland for Mother’s Day Weekend.

We had a great time– The hotel we stayed in served a continental breakfast each morning, so I was able to eat biscuits and gravy three days in a row!!! (i am a big fan of biscuits and gravy.)

Saturday morning we went to the Saturday Market. Andrew was pretty fascinated by the rail system that goes through the Market area. Tansy and Becket were entertained by a street performer who did all sorts of tricks; this prompted Becket to pick up a book on magicians at Powell’s later that day.

After the Saturday Market we went to Voodoo Doughnut, Juliana and Tansy both ordered the maple bar with bacon on it… I had a bite, it was okay… now if Voodoo were to make a maple bar filled with sausage I would be all over that bad boy. Voodoo Doughnuts also makes vegan donuts too.

Hot tip, the Union 76 Station on Burnside and Fourth (??) offers all day parking for $3 on Saturdays.

We also went to the Way of the Pilgrim Bookstore (526 NE 21st Street @ Hoyt.) I picked up a copy of ‘Wade In The River –The story of the African Christian Faith’ by Fr. Paisius Altschul. Juliana picked up some books and a burial shroud.

Saturday also included a trip to Powell’s and the Bins.

Powell’s currently has on display in their gallery upstairs artwork by Alberto Cerriteno.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and on Juliana’s agenda was a tour of places associated with the authorBeverly Cleary. This was a fun little jaunt… we saw the house she grew up in from ages 8-12, I even had a short chat with the daughter of the lady who currently lives in the house. The tour is of locations that events and such in her books are based on. This tour is a kind of ‘do it yourself’ gig, if interested you can get the information here.

We also made a stop at the Art & Craft Extravaganza. This is a cool little DIY type of craft thing. I am a fan of the Ready Made magazine, and seeing that they were one of the sponsors of this event we had to go check it out.

We made another stop at Powell’s (can a person go there too many times?) While Juliana was at Powell’s I went to a place around the corner called Reading Frenzy, an independent bookstore. Seeing work by Nikki McClure in the store I asked the man working if he had seen the book ‘Father Herman: Alaska’s Saint’ which Nikki McClure did the artwork for. He hadn’t, but did go to the St. Herman Press website.

We also went and stomped around the Hawthorne area too.

That evening at dinner, the resturant we ate at was pretty full. The table we sat at was rather close to the table next to us. In getting up to go to the salad bar I would attempt to squeeze through and not hit my head on the light above our table… on one occassion I did miss the lamp, but unfortunately for the people at the next table my butt pushed the woman’s plate, ummm Happy Mother’s Day?? opps.

Monday morning also featured some hanging out at Jamison Square Park where the kids were able to play in the water. Jamison Square Park has a “fountain” which is huge an simulates a tidal pool of sorts… water comes and goes, perfect for kids!

Ate lunch at Pizza Schmizza, good stuff. I had a slice of the Genoa.

I enjoy visiting Portland because it inspires me. Looking back it was a good weekend for all of us.


4 Responses to “pdx”

  1. christina Says:

    Sounds like a great trip! I drive down NE 33rd on mon, wed, and fri after I pick Pavlos up from Agia Sophia (he’s there for preschool). Holy Trinity GOA is on 33rd and Glisan, not too far from there. And everytime I drive on that street, I think of Ramona:) I remember as a child reading the Ramona book where she asks her dad if they can go stand on the interstate bridge (on I-5 between Oregon and Washington) so that they could have one foot in oregon and one foot in washington. He nixed that idea. I asked my mom if we could do that, but she also said no. bummer. but I think about that passage from that book every time I drive over the bridge (which is actually quite often as my parents live in vancouver). my nephew is now reading the beverly cleary books, I should take him on the tour next time he is in town!

  2. christina Says:

    woops… that should read GOC (the church is part of the archdiocese, but it isn’t the archdiocese:)

  3. Mimi Says:

    Sounds so wonderful!

    You do know Nikki McClure lives in Oly?

  4. aaron Says:

    Pizza…the only culinary item that is nearly bullet proof, impervious to bad taste experience. There’s no such thing as bad pizza! Now I’m really hungry.

    I’m with you on the Sausage filled doughnut (yes, that’s a capital S in Sausage).

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