Stacy at La joie de Dieu est folie shares about selling possessions and preparing for her move to Uganda.

Today I participated in the ‘other’ version of the moving game.

Local college students are moving out, which also means they are tossing stuff out… I took a drive behind some of the student housing on my way home from work. With the permission of the students I was able to bring home for free: a desk, a chair, a small table and a working computer –score!!


2 Responses to “score”

  1. Stacy Says:

    If you come by my place you can score lots of free stuff.

  2. Belladonna Says:

    Hey Papa H – I thought of you today while talking to my son in Michigan. He’s getting ready to move so he had put a huge pile of stuff he no longer needs out on the curb. (With 7 kids in their household they go through A LOT of stuff) Many things from a slightly funky stroller to a box fan went within minutes to grateful neighbors and passers by. He says it’s been a hoot watching people come sort through the pile all day. He’s just so thrilled to FINALLY get into a bigger place with two bathrooms, a dishwasher and actual closets in the bedrooms – none of which he has had for the past year and a half – that he is more than happy to share stuff with whoever can put it to good use.

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