This evening I played a board game with my three year old son, Andrew. I am not sure how the game is really suposed to be played, but this is how we played it:

There were cardboard pieces that belong to the game, and then there were some toy plastic animals.

Andrew told me to spin the spinner which then caused him to place game pieces on the board.

I watched him do that for a while.

He spinned, and then he told me to spin again.

He told me to take the plastic crab which then had to bite the toy cow. It killed the cow.

He spinned. I spinned then he gave me a plastic gorilla and he took a plastic snake and they had to fight. The gorilla won.

He spinned. I spinned. He then gave me a plastic giraffe and he took the plastic camel and they played basketball.

He spinned. I spinned. He gave me a plastic ant and he took the plastic turtle. The turtle killed the ant. Then the turtle played basketball against my giraffe.

Then he told me that my giraffe was dead, so I made it lay down. No, that was not right. The cow then shot my giraffe and then it could die.

These rules are all so complicated.

He spinned. Moved a game piece and told me that he won. Then he told me to spin, and I was able to move a piece.

Then he gave me the cow and he had the gorilla. The gorilla and cow proceeded to walk around the game board.

This is pretty much the gist of the game.
I think you get the idea.


2 Responses to “game”

  1. Belladonna Says:

    This is hillarious. I can just imagine Andrew concocting up such a game. Can I play too?

  2. Spoke Says:

    Who won??? I’m all on edge! I’ve played “Gorilla Kill Ya” lotsa times.

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