It seems so much longer, but it was only last Sunday morning that my Mother-in-Law was baptised!! She took as her Patroness: St. Mary Magdalene. That day was a double celebration for her as she also turned 67 on that same day; I guess this way she and we will always remember the date of her baptism.

I know that the Orthodox will talk about our illnesses being for our salvation, but I think that when my wife suffered post-partum depression following the birth of our youngest son (Andrew, 3) that this was for the salvation of both Juliana (my wife) and my Mother-in-Law. I say this because as my wife went through the depression my Mother-in-Law stepped in and among the many things she did to help us, she also made sure that my wife and children got to Church on Sunday (at the time I worked on Sundays.)

And as my wife got better, my Mother-in-Law kept coming to Divine Liturgy on Sundays. Until finally earlier this year Fr. Seraphim (our Priest) made her a catechuman, and then baptised her.

Glory to God!


4 Responses to “illness”

  1. Mimi Says:

    It’s amazing how some of our darkest days lead to some of our lightest.

    Many Years to the newly illumined handmaiden of God!

  2. Laura Says:

    Glory to God indeed! Amazing story and thank you for sharing it!

  3. aaron Says:

    So awesome Papa…what a joy!

    God is great and merciful!

  4. fdr Says:

    Thanks God! He does work all to His glory, does He not? We had the priveleg of welcoming my Mo-in-law to the Church a few years ago as well.

    May the God grant many years to the “newly illumined.”

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