children see

A sobering reminder that the responsibility of raising our children is a joy; but it is a joy that must be taken seriously.

Lord have mercy, and give wisdom and strength to parents, grandparents, and all adults who have influence on children and youth.

thanks to Pressed Root for sharing the video with me.


4 Responses to “children see”

  1. Grace Says:

    What an amazing video. There’s so much dreck on You Tube that it makes the gems stand out all the more.

  2. Margi Says:

    I visited a family once where a 7 yr old girl had her stomach kicked black and blue. I admitted her to hospital. Someone recognised the name and it turned out mum had been in with the same thing. Dad’s habit, when drunk, was to kick mum in the stomach for having had the kids and the brother blamed the sister for being born and did the same to her. Too true they see.

  3. spoke Says:

    Unfortunately, there are absolutely no qualifications that must be met in order to be a “parent”. Indeed, Lord have mercy!

  4. symphonyguy Says:

    Nice post, Herman. Did want to respond to Spoke’s comment. Actually, you do need to meet certain qualifications if you plan to build your family through adoption. Rules vary a bit state by state, and foreign agencies often put additional restrictions on the adoptee parents including health and finances. The Korean Adoption Agencies our local agency worked through even had a weight requirement. In other words, if my wife or I had been obese, they would have turned us down. We also met with a social worker on a number of occasions who was tasked with preparing a “home study,” a report which was used by the court to determine our fitness to be parents. Adoptee parents are required to jump through many, many hoops to build a family — I’m glad we went through the process, it was really valuable, and I have often wished that more parents-to-be were encouraged to do something similar.

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