survival skills

Kids can be gross, that is just a given. But at the same time they can be funny as all get-out, take this recent event for example:

We are driving along in the car and apparently Andrew (age 3) is picking his nose in the backseat. This activity is bugging Tansy (age 11.)

“Andrew is picking his nose and it is grossing me out.” Declares Tansy.

Aware that Andrew does what he wants to do, and that there is not a whole lot we can do from the front seat while driving down the road we make an attempt to get Tansy to divert her attention, thus not giving Andrew the power to gross her out. “Tansy look the other way and ignore him.”

Tansy gives our suggestion a try and looks out the window.

To which Andrew throws a curve ball which none of us expected. He stops picking his nose, and while just sitting there he begins to say: “Yum yum.”

At age three this kid is a master at tweaking his older sister. Though it is gross, yet amusing, I have to acknowledge that he does have sibling survival skills.

3 Responses to “survival skills”

  1. Paula Says:

    Why are kids so good at that?? LOL!

  2. Mimi Says:

    Ah, sibling love….

  3. Barbara-Marie Drezhlo Says:

    When they are grown, they shall be close, such things having been forgotten, God willing. That’s the way of it. But, the path to adulthood is unpaved and bumpy, that’s why our hair gets grey. This is only the beginning. You shall survive (promise!).

    One who knows,


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