A topic discussed during a recent meal at our home was regarding ‘zombies.’

The question was asked, “Why do zombies walk with their arms out?”

Our 11 year old daughter offered an answer: “It is so they can grab people by the throats.”

Perhaps (on a lower level) it is to avoid conversation topics such as this, that explain why Monasteries do spiritual reading during mealtimes.


5 Responses to “zombies”

  1. papa herman Says:

    ps: the question that followed this one, asked why zombies walked without bending their knees. so far no answer has been found.

  2. Belladonna Says:

    Hey Papa Herman;

    For those curious about zombies you could always check out
    How Zombies Work which has some facinating tidbits of culture, history and controversy about zombies. However, I really don’t know why the walk stiff legged. Kinda makes you wonder, eh?

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    I am glad it isn`t just my house where oddball topics of conversation crop up at mealtimes !

  4. Margi Says:

    I passed this question on to my godson. “So that they can knock people out with each arm,” he said, and demonstrated, “Whim… Wham.. Whim!” Luckily I have no china or ornaments worth keeping.

  5. Roland Says:

    Perhaps the drugs that are used to turn people into zombies have a side effect that makes the joints stiff? Or perhaps one just stiffens naturally from lack of exercise while lying in the grave during the zombification process.

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