my own wild kingdom

A place of refuge and retreat… that is how I would describe the corner of the garden that I choose to sit in. If one is at our house, and they cannot find me –may I suggest checking the garden area.

I have a chair set-up on the edge of the garden, looking away from the world and facing in to the pumpkin garden. I enjoy the view of the many pumpkin plants begining their journey across the dirt; slowly turning a plot of land into a jungle. Surrounding this area are many sunflower plants. And from this vantage I can hear my kids playing and talking.

In past years this same area of space has been the gathering ground for many dragon and damsel flys. Since we have no water source on our yard it interests me that they chose this area to play.

This year we have taken this enjoyment to a new level. We have learned a little about the ways of the dragon fly and have sticks poking up out of the dirt for them to land on. I will watch as they will land on the stick, sitting still, and then take off to eat a bug in midflight.

It is pretty cool to see their manuvers. It is something to see a bug, and then see the dragon fly take off and get it; landing back on the stick to await it’s next victim.

And all the while the garden just grows, ignoring the spectacle overhead.

So I sit in my chair, on the edge of my little oasis; often with a book, while I soak in the sun and watch the garden grow.

Ahhhh Summer.


5 Responses to “my own wild kingdom”

  1. Laura Says:

    I love my garden too…our yard’s not big enough for a private “spot” but I can imagine the joy of having one!

  2. libs Says:

    When I was a little girls I use to think if I thought hard enough I could climb on the backs of our dragon-flys and fly though my grandpa’s garden.
    A part of me still believe that a little. 🙂

  3. Barbara-Marie Drezhlo Says:

    We don’t have a garden per se, but my Nicky loves keeping the front of the apartment building planted in flowers, and loves working out there in the nice weather. It is one of the pleasures of summer here in the Northeast. Why did I think of “Octopus’ Garden” as I read this (showing my age, wot?)?

    I agree with your (unspoken, but nonetheless real) comment that people who cannot find time to read are dull dogs (you did say you were reading in the back yard, good boy!). My latest book was the “Firey Abba” by Aleksandr Poliakov. What was yours?


  4. Paula Says:

    Your garden sounds wonderful!!! I’m going to have to put up some dragonfly sticks.

  5. Mimi Says:

    I have a black thumb, but I enjoy sitting outside and enjoying the flora as well.

    I am hopeful that this means I’ll find your neck of the woods pretty.

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