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bachelor for a week

July 31, 2007

This week is a bit different for me… after almost 19 years of being married I am baching it for a week. My wife and kids have gone to New York State to visit relatives and I am home.

When I first learned of this trip I was a bit excited about having some alone time, you know… doing man-stuff like eating pork and beans from the can while watching Golden Girl re-runs (that Bea Arthur is quite the actress!) But as theie date of departure neared I was already starting to miss my family.

Desiring to use the time well I have a few ideas of things to do to make good use of this week alone:
–Now is a good time to use that pilates exercise video that I bought at a yard sale a month or so ago.
–Inspired by Matthew I have considered starting to pick up a few words in a foreign language; so I went to the Library and picked up a book: ‘Spanish The Easy Way.’ (Perhaps I can expand my Spanish beyond the words I have learned listening to Cypress Hill.)
–I have some books that I can start/continue/finish reading.
–I can take the dog out for walks and spend some quality time with him.
–I have some house plants to water, and Dorothy (Andrew’s goldfish) to keep alive.
–And if all else fails I have a case of Pabst that needs drinking.
So you can see that I have plenty of things to do to keep me busy around the house.

But instead of the pilates video or starting to learn words in Spanish I went out to eat last nite at the Chinese buffet place. I had a nice relaxing meal all by myself… it is amazing how slow one can eat when they do not have kids with them. Anyways. After I was done I was sitting at my table waiting for them to bring me my bill, apparently the cashier noticed me sitting there for a spell and came over to me and informed me that “your friend paid for you.” I asked her who, and she showed me the booth where I had noticed a couple eating earlier. This couple whom I do not know paid for my dinner– Thank you!! Of course I wondered why they paid for me? Did I look like I couldn’t pay for the meal? Did I look sad? Did they know me from somewhere? Regardless of why, I was thankful and it was very kind gesture! I said a prayer for them.

The funny part about this trip is Andrew. One thing you need to know about Andrew is that he does not talk very clearly… So, as the trip got closer Andrew would play ‘plane.’ Andrew has never been on a plane, and has had limited exposure to them; but in his playing plane, the plane would crash… and then he would say “get out of the plane.” My dear wife hopes that this is not a premonition… the way I figure it, if it is the fact that he hears “get out of the plane” means that they survived the crash. Hey, it is all about making lemonade out of lemons.

So by next Monday’s post I am sure I will still not have done any pilates or learned any more Spanish than I know right now; but hopefully the fish and plants will still be alive.

Tomorrow nite I am going to go see the Simpson’s Movie… where does that fit into my ‘things to-do’ plan?


Saint Marina

July 30, 2007

Today July 30 (july 17 on the Church calendar) Great Martyr St Marina of Antioch is commemorated.

Below is a re-posting of a previous (2005) post:

Great Martyr St Marina of Antioch is commemorated on July 17/30

I ask the intercessions of St. Marina for those that I know who are pregnant, the reason for this is because of the story below.

What follows is a story told to me by a friend, who was told this story by a monk from the Skete of St. Andrew:

A couple who were spiritual children of a clairvoyant monk (Elder Ephraim of St. Andrew Skete) on the Holy Mountain asked for his blessing for having a child; they had been trying without success. He gave his blessing and also said that they would be pregnant. So, of course, they got pregnant. They were going through the regular medical check-ups and were told the child would have Down’s Syndrome and they were distraught, the Doctor they spoke to suggested abortion. They did not respond to this suggestion but were really confused. They received a phone call at home shortly after returning home from having the appointment, a phone call from the spiritual father on the Holy Mountain! (unheard of) And their spiritual father told them that they should not disregard this gift of their child from God and that the child would be fine. Subsequent tests confirmed that the child did not have down syndrome.

Later on in the pregnancy they were told by the medical community that the child had no brain at all, would be born and die almost immediately, and they should abort the pregnancy. They returned home again and received a call AGAIN, from the Elder on the Holy Mountain, and were somewhat chastised for their lack of faith in this gift from God–St. Marina had, communicated with the elder, to tell them that this was a gift from God and that they would have a baby girl who would be healthy. And she was born healthy, on St. Marina’s day; and they named her, Marina.

God is glorified in His Saints.

Read the life of St. Marina from the Prolog of Ohrid: here

Thanks to Marina T. and Reader Innocent for the above text.

last comic standing

July 28, 2007

Andrew has hit that age… the age of discovering “knock knock” jokes.

Here is the joke he told today:

“Knock knock.”

Who’s there?


Andrew who?

“In the birthday cake!” (followed by his own laughter.)

I supose somehow this joke makes sense in the mind of a three year old.

I remember

July 28, 2007

Yesterday at work I was using the microwave in the break area, it reminded me of something… I remember my first introductions to microwave ovens.

Growing up my Mom would cook all of the meals on the family stove. My only association with the microwave was seeing it on the college campus near our home in the vending area. I saw the microwave as a cooking tool for vending machine fare and a cooking tool used by moms who did not care enough to take the time to cook a real meal.

Then one day… a microwave entered our home!

What happened? Did my Mom not love us anymore? What did this mean?

I then learned something… a person can actually cook food in one of those little devices. Who knew?

saint Bono?

July 27, 2007


It would be fairly accurate to say that I pretty much have had enough of Bono (you know… the lead singer of U2), actually I think it was his adoring fans and media who fueled these feelings. I have not always been this way, I have seen U2 in concert twice, still own a copy of ‘Rattle and Hum’ and would cite ‘The Joshua Tree’ as an album worth listening too. But his modern fans and the media hoopla with their accolades, suggesting that the survival of the world depends on Bono or something… okay maybe I am being a bit harsh.

But those feelings have changed.

I was watching some of a program about Noreena Hertz. In this program there was a segment where Ms. Hertz was talking to Bono and he was explaining a bit why he meets with various leaders of the world; even those that seem on the opposite side of the fence of the issues that he supports.

noreenabono.jpg He explained that he meets with them for reasons such as: to get them to support his cause or to at least get them to get out of the way.

I appreciated the method to his maddness.
I appreciated that he was using the platform that he had been thrust upon to try and make positive (as he sees them) changes in the world.
And, unlike my prejudiced attitude toward him, I do not think he is buying all of the hype that is being thrown at him — using it yes, but he is not believing it. So what if his image is on the cover of a magazine, if it helps draw attention to areas of need in our world then more power to him. The man is just using the spotlight that is being given to him while it is still there.

Don’t look to me for support in the canonization of Bono efforts; but I think I can cut him some slack.

a ride at the reservoir

July 26, 2007

monsoon by easo andrews

Just got back from a nice evening bike ride at Bennington Lake (aka the reservoir) with Larry the Barista.

It had been a while since I had gone on a good hearty bike ride; the last one was in the Spring with Becket. So I figured that lethargic mucus that builds up in one’s lungs after a period of inactivity would be manifesting itself, but apparently I have not been as sedentary as I thot as no real lung hacking arose.

Anyways… The reservoir is an area that I have ridden before on many occassions but Larry led me on a path I had not previously rode on — it was a fun one! I did have to drop back a bit as I did not desire to eat too much of Larry’s dust.

Quite a few rabbits were spotted; Larry saw a deer. At one point we stopped and kicked back in an area that had a field with many dragonflys, which I enjoied seeing. At another spot we stopped to watch frogs jump from the shore into the water.

Even with all of this, as I rode among plants that were drying out I did notice a similarity between Summer and Winter — they both share a dormant quality that I had not previously noticed.

At the conclusion of the ride we put our bikes away and cooled down with some frosty Pabst Blue Ribbons.

It was good to be out riding again.

just a spoonful of sugar

July 25, 2007

It is interesting how something as simple as the context, surroundings and/or circumstances can alter an outsiders perspective of what is really going on….

Take the family movie classic ‘Mary Poppins’ for example…

what is your opinion?

July 25, 2007

It is Summer, the season of firing up the BBQ and grilling up hunks of assorted meat product.

So the question is: If someone cooks a hot dog on a BBQ, can they technically say that they are BBQing? Why/why not.

Elder Cleopa of Sihastria

July 20, 2007

quote of the day

July 19, 2007

Today’s quote was spoken by my 9 year old son, Becket:

“…in a couple of years when Owen and I are older and have three million dollars….”