act of God

A co-worker shared an interesting outlook with me today. A way of looking at things that I thot worth remembering and sharing.

The story he shared has as it’s background, the death of one of his young boys friends; this child died when a tree accidentally fell on him.

My co-worker was sharing how his wife continues to think about this young boys death, how this “act of God” took this youngsters life.

My co-worker disagreed with the way his wife looked at the situation.

“The tree falling and killing the boy was not an act of God, it was just one of those things that happens in life,” he said and then continued his thot, “the act of God was the way that everyone came to this family’s side after he was killed.”

The idea he was trying to express that the “act of God” that he saw in the midst of this tragedy was the response from friends and family who walked the journey with the family in their grief.

I had never thot of tragedy in this way before. I have never thot about how the outpouring of love during (and following) a loss, a tragedy, a hardship is the real “act of God” in the lives of the people experiencing the event/situation first-hand.

In an age where love is growing cold, I felt his attitude about this was significant. It has given me something to think about.


2 Responses to “act of God”

  1. Mimi Says:

    What a brilliant point he made.

    May that dear child’s Memory be Eternal.

  2. Catherine K. Says:

    Your post brought to mind someone I knew who was the victim of a rape once. This particular event caught the attention of all the media outlets in that region as there was a cross-county police chase in which multiple cars were involved and so forth. The woman involved did survive the event and saw the rapist be sent to prison for a lengthy stay.

    What I will never forget about her story, is not her focus on the event, as terrible as it was for her. She was in awe at the number of people who supported her through this, and considered this to, indeed, be the act of God in that dark moment in her life.

    It certainly gives a different perspective to the phrase, “act of God”, than perhaps, some have.

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