advice for new fathers

Congrats to the Mr and Mrs Larry the Barista Family on the birth of their second daughter!!

Inspired by the birth of little Natalie I have compiled a list that I think may prove helpful to new Dads. These are some of things that husbands SHOULD NOT say to their wives as they recover following giving birth:

Gee I am tired, I think I will take a nap.
I am going to go out and goof off with the guys for a while.
You are so lucky; you get to lay around all day, I wish I could have a baby.
I could really use a nice long bath.
Honey! The baby spit up… again.
Would you please rub my feet, they are really sore. I said please…

Many years to Natalie and her family!!


5 Responses to “advice for new fathers”

  1. Paula Says:

    You never said any of those things, did you?

    You are still alive to write about it, so probably not.

  2. Mimi Says:

    Bwahahahahahahahaha! I hope that isnt’ the voice of experience!

    Many Years to Natalie and her family!

  3. BabyDaddies Says:

    Good tips! I’ll keep those in mind. I’ve got about 3 months to go.

  4. Margi Says:

    I once overheard a husband saying, “Did you remember to iron next week’s shirts?” quickly followed by someonelse saying, “Careful! remember your stitches!” 🙂

  5. Larry Says:

    yes, that is the voice of experience.

    Thanks papa, for screwing it up big time, and then passing on the scouting report for the rest of us who are also stumbling our way through!

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