let’s play two

I dedicate this post to Mimi and her Seattle Mariners.

I have a confession: I have never cared much for baseball…. for those that know me, this confession is probably not too earth-shattering. But my Dad… this man loves baseball. And even with his strong affinity for the game, he never tried to force me to play ball for which I am thankful.

My sister, Diane, on the other hand was the ball player of the family. She played girls softball.

One thing you must know is that my Dad is rather passionate, to put it mildly, about the sport; one time his enthusiasm for the game (i.e. yelling at the Umpire) caused him to watch the conclusion of one of my sister’s game from the hood of the car in the parking lot.

There was another time we went to an Anahiem Angels ballgame. Following the game was a Minor League game which we stayed for. At some point during the start of the Minor League game there was an announcement that if any balls came into the stands the balls had to be given back. Well… a ball did come into the stands, and my Dad got the ball. NO, he would not give it up… he could not believe that they did not have the money for more balls, or whatever the reason was. So he would not give the ball back. He was allowed to keep the ball, as our family was escorted out of the ballpark.

Though I am aware that these two events do not show my Dad in his best light; I have always been rather amused by these events. I guess I just see it as being a part of his (loud and at time embarrassing) love for the game. And I do not know anyone else who has ever been kicked out of a Major League ballpark.

I have had other times with my Dad at ballgames where things were quite normal. There was the time when we watched a guy sitting near us go to catch a pop fly in the stands and as he put his hands up he poured his beer on himself. One time during a visit to Walla Walla my Dad and I took in a farm league ball game– that was pretty fun. And there was the time when my Dad and I took my son Becket to a Dodger game. It was Becket’s first real pro ball-game; I am glad that Becket was able to experience it with his Grandpa and his dad.

I may not be much of a ball fan, but I do have good memories. “It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame… Let’s play two!”


2 Responses to “let’s play two”

  1. Mimi Says:

    I love this post, thank you! I read parts outloud to my husband and I’m so jealous of you and Bekett – I’ve never been to Dodger Stadium – something about growing up in Giants country.

    And, I love the Dodgers!

  2. libbie Says:

    Though I have no interest in the game of baseball it’s self, my husbands family takes it very seriously. I am lucky enough to have some wonderful memories that involve baseball games and my family, though none of them involve us getting kicked out.

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