The sad thing is that for some, this would be deemed important:



10 Responses to “rising”

  1. Margi Says:


  2. Sophocles Says:


  3. handmaidmaryleah Says:

    I don’t get it? Am I being obtuse?
    Muslim McDonalds? That needs explanation to me or some context or maybe I need a nap…

  4. papa herman Says:

    For me the thing about the pic was not the lettering; but rather the idea that raising up another McDonalds (any where in the world) would be as historically significiant as the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima.

  5. Paula Says:

    Because democracy = consumerism. Which does make me very sad. How shall we then live???

  6. aaron Says:

    consumerism is a very convenient, non-invasive, means to scratch that little itch that we all feel deep inside that doesn’t happen to have a stigma attached to it like the bottle or illicit activity has. Unfortunately, the opiate of the masses is not religion, but is now whatever happens to be the newest, latest, greatest, have to have it, throw it out with the garbage in a week.

    Makes me wonder why people don’t dog pile Ikea with the viciousness they show toward Wal-mart.

  7. Spoke Says:

    Mass capitalism/consumerism is an acceptable form of conquering foreign lands…if mass American business “pulled out” of Canada, Canada wouldn’t survive! We don’t need your “brand” of democracy, but we sure do need your “Brands”….and that saddens me greatly! No one country should have any supremecy…EVER.

  8. Barbara-Marie Drezhlo Says:

    Let’s keep things in perspective! McDonald’s is what it is, and what it is a fast-food purveyor, nothing more. Can you buy a “Beeg Makk gamboorger” on Red Square? Certainly! I believe that you can also buy a Big Mac in Mecca! (“Do you want your Happy Meal in the special green hajji bag”?)

    Does this mean that Mickey Dee’s (or Microsoft or Walmart, for that matter) is a insidious corporate hydra attempting to take over the world a là the Evil Empire or the scheming Fu Manchu? It is nothing but an ephemeral business organisation, which shall pass in due time, when its usefulness is over. Who flies Pan American or shops at Monkey Wards these days?

    Let’s laugh, for that was the artist’s intent. Now, there’s something good for the soul. As for the rest… sic transit gloria mundi.


  9. Fr. John Whiteford Says:

    My father fought in the battle of Iwo Jima, and I don’t find the picture humorous. One of the biggest problems we have today in America is the iconoclasm of any symbol that stands for anything that uplifts the human spirit above that of a dog in heat.

  10. papa herman Says:

    Just last month; Charles Lindberg (not the aviator) died at the age of 86.

    This Charles Lindberg was one of the surviving men who had first raised the flag on Iwo Jima. Many people do not know, I myself did not know until just recently, that there were two flag raisings on Iwo Jima; Mr. Lindberg was involved in the first flag raising.


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