of the family Cucurbitaceae

pumpkin.jpg In our garden we are starting to see pumpkins growing on the vine –things are getting exciting now!

I have thot about different ways to have fun with the pumpkin as it grows –one idea that has come to mind is to put a portion of the vine in food colouring to try and effect a colour change on the pumpkin; this would be done in a similar vein as milk feeding a pumpkin occurs. But aware that no colour would be that desirable for an already orange pumpkin I may wait until next year and try it with a white pumpkin.

So what I have currently done is to tie a piece of twine around one of the growing cucubitas and cause a physical change in shape of the pumpkin. I just tied the twine around it a day or two ago and I am already seeing a corset-like effect on the pumpkin. I think I will try tying twine a different way around another pumpkin.

Our sunflowers are growing well; some have already produced flowering heads, some others continue on their journey to the sky.

In other gardening news, recently I was at the home of Belladonna who is currently having a little fun in the garden of her own. She and her husband are in a competion of sorts… They are both growing tomato plants– her husband is growing them the traditional way; and Belladonna is growing them in buckets that are hanging off of the ground, with the tomato plants growing upside-down from out of the bottoms of the buckets.

It is all just good fun in the garden.


One Response to “of the family Cucurbitaceae”

  1. Mimi Says:

    I’m not so green with the thumb, I just enjoy eating garden grown food!

    Looking good

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