what is your opinion?

It is Summer, the season of firing up the BBQ and grilling up hunks of assorted meat product.

So the question is: If someone cooks a hot dog on a BBQ, can they technically say that they are BBQing? Why/why not.


5 Responses to “what is your opinion?”

  1. Laura Says:

    Where I come from, BBQ is a noun, not a verb. Cooking a hot dog on a grill is “grilling a hot dog.” If you invite a bunch of people over to grill hot dogs, you are having a “cook out.”

    neepeople Laura, misplaced southerner…

  2. libbie Says:

    okay this is what I know:
    most people say they are BBQing but really the term BBQ means to slow cook something over an open flame while aplying different types of sause and it take many hours to do.
    what most people are really doing when they say BBQ is Grilling which means to cook something fast over an open heat.
    So yes you can grill hot dogs and hambergers but you can never BBQ either one.

  3. Mimi Says:

    Tofu dogs for us, and well, I guess. I think of grilling as more vegetables actually.

  4. symphonyguy Says:

    My vote goes with “grilling” a dog…(okay, pooch, where were you the night of July 13th?)….

  5. Belladonna Says:

    I just had to say that Symphonyguy totally cracked me up. Somehow I got this crazy mental picture of a sterotype detective from dime store novels questioning one of those pool playing dogs you sometimes see in corney posters. Hillarious.

    As for the grilling/bbq debate – who cares what we call it – let’s cook something, I’m hungry!

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