saint Bono?


It would be fairly accurate to say that I pretty much have had enough of Bono (you know… the lead singer of U2), actually I think it was his adoring fans and media who fueled these feelings. I have not always been this way, I have seen U2 in concert twice, still own a copy of ‘Rattle and Hum’ and would cite ‘The Joshua Tree’ as an album worth listening too. But his modern fans and the media hoopla with their accolades, suggesting that the survival of the world depends on Bono or something… okay maybe I am being a bit harsh.

But those feelings have changed.

I was watching some of a program about Noreena Hertz. In this program there was a segment where Ms. Hertz was talking to Bono and he was explaining a bit why he meets with various leaders of the world; even those that seem on the opposite side of the fence of the issues that he supports.

noreenabono.jpg He explained that he meets with them for reasons such as: to get them to support his cause or to at least get them to get out of the way.

I appreciated the method to his maddness.
I appreciated that he was using the platform that he had been thrust upon to try and make positive (as he sees them) changes in the world.
And, unlike my prejudiced attitude toward him, I do not think he is buying all of the hype that is being thrown at him — using it yes, but he is not believing it. So what if his image is on the cover of a magazine, if it helps draw attention to areas of need in our world then more power to him. The man is just using the spotlight that is being given to him while it is still there.

Don’t look to me for support in the canonization of Bono efforts; but I think I can cut him some slack.


6 Responses to “saint Bono?”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Not all attention is good attention. Something like this… we all attend weddings and we look forward to that moment when we see the bride make her debut. But what if, instead of waiting for her to make her entrance after having been assisted by a few trusted confidants, Bono rushed in with a video camera and flashed her half-clad, corset-wearing, curler-donning self onto a big screen set up in the Nave. That’s not good attention.

    The analogy falls apart pretty quickly so don’t dissect it too much, but you get my point. I feel like this is a bit of the sort of case when good intentions pave the way to hell. Sometimes foreign aid, given irresponsibly, fuels corruption, encourages coups and civil strife, undercuts farmers, and creates further dependency.

  2. Bono Says:

    Am I buggin’ you? I don’t mean to bug you…

  3. papa herman Says:

    I understand what you mean Stacy.

    The use of attention in a positive way is a tricky thing, and can get away from one’s original intention too.

  4. Paula Says:

    I am not going to judge the big B. I have never walked one step in his shoes, and I have no idea what his life must be like. We’ll talk about it under my tree in heaven, I guess!

  5. Spoke Says:

    the guy bugs me…every high-profile meeting or “appearance” seems to be followed by the latest U2 tour or album.

  6. aaron Says:

    i like bono.

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