Saint Marina

Today July 30 (july 17 on the Church calendar) Great Martyr St Marina of Antioch is commemorated.

Below is a re-posting of a previous (2005) post:

Great Martyr St Marina of Antioch is commemorated on July 17/30

I ask the intercessions of St. Marina for those that I know who are pregnant, the reason for this is because of the story below.

What follows is a story told to me by a friend, who was told this story by a monk from the Skete of St. Andrew:

A couple who were spiritual children of a clairvoyant monk (Elder Ephraim of St. Andrew Skete) on the Holy Mountain asked for his blessing for having a child; they had been trying without success. He gave his blessing and also said that they would be pregnant. So, of course, they got pregnant. They were going through the regular medical check-ups and were told the child would have Down’s Syndrome and they were distraught, the Doctor they spoke to suggested abortion. They did not respond to this suggestion but were really confused. They received a phone call at home shortly after returning home from having the appointment, a phone call from the spiritual father on the Holy Mountain! (unheard of) And their spiritual father told them that they should not disregard this gift of their child from God and that the child would be fine. Subsequent tests confirmed that the child did not have down syndrome.

Later on in the pregnancy they were told by the medical community that the child had no brain at all, would be born and die almost immediately, and they should abort the pregnancy. They returned home again and received a call AGAIN, from the Elder on the Holy Mountain, and were somewhat chastised for their lack of faith in this gift from God–St. Marina had, communicated with the elder, to tell them that this was a gift from God and that they would have a baby girl who would be healthy. And she was born healthy, on St. Marina’s day; and they named her, Marina.

God is glorified in His Saints.

Read the life of St. Marina from the Prolog of Ohrid: here

Thanks to Marina T. and Reader Innocent for the above text.


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