bachelor for a week

This week is a bit different for me… after almost 19 years of being married I am baching it for a week. My wife and kids have gone to New York State to visit relatives and I am home.

When I first learned of this trip I was a bit excited about having some alone time, you know… doing man-stuff like eating pork and beans from the can while watching Golden Girl re-runs (that Bea Arthur is quite the actress!) But as theie date of departure neared I was already starting to miss my family.

Desiring to use the time well I have a few ideas of things to do to make good use of this week alone:
–Now is a good time to use that pilates exercise video that I bought at a yard sale a month or so ago.
–Inspired by Matthew I have considered starting to pick up a few words in a foreign language; so I went to the Library and picked up a book: ‘Spanish The Easy Way.’ (Perhaps I can expand my Spanish beyond the words I have learned listening to Cypress Hill.)
–I have some books that I can start/continue/finish reading.
–I can take the dog out for walks and spend some quality time with him.
–I have some house plants to water, and Dorothy (Andrew’s goldfish) to keep alive.
–And if all else fails I have a case of Pabst that needs drinking.
So you can see that I have plenty of things to do to keep me busy around the house.

But instead of the pilates video or starting to learn words in Spanish I went out to eat last nite at the Chinese buffet place. I had a nice relaxing meal all by myself… it is amazing how slow one can eat when they do not have kids with them. Anyways. After I was done I was sitting at my table waiting for them to bring me my bill, apparently the cashier noticed me sitting there for a spell and came over to me and informed me that “your friend paid for you.” I asked her who, and she showed me the booth where I had noticed a couple eating earlier. This couple whom I do not know paid for my dinner– Thank you!! Of course I wondered why they paid for me? Did I look like I couldn’t pay for the meal? Did I look sad? Did they know me from somewhere? Regardless of why, I was thankful and it was very kind gesture! I said a prayer for them.

The funny part about this trip is Andrew. One thing you need to know about Andrew is that he does not talk very clearly… So, as the trip got closer Andrew would play ‘plane.’ Andrew has never been on a plane, and has had limited exposure to them; but in his playing plane, the plane would crash… and then he would say “get out of the plane.” My dear wife hopes that this is not a premonition… the way I figure it, if it is the fact that he hears “get out of the plane” means that they survived the crash. Hey, it is all about making lemonade out of lemons.

So by next Monday’s post I am sure I will still not have done any pilates or learned any more Spanish than I know right now; but hopefully the fish and plants will still be alive.

Tomorrow nite I am going to go see the Simpson’s Movie… where does that fit into my ‘things to-do’ plan?

8 Responses to “bachelor for a week”

  1. Belladonna Says:

    Learning Spanish would be cool. You could check out a free trial of Visual Link Spanish or check out the Spanish Grammar Tutorial

    I really like the Visual Spanish.

    As for the pilates, I can’t help you with that. I was going to the water aerobics class at the Athena pool for a while – it costs a whopping $1 each time you go with no committment to sign up for. My kind of class! However, it meets from 6-7PM which is not the best time for me so I’ve only actually been to it a handful of times.

    You could do weight lifting with your pumpkins maybe?

  2. Mimi Says:

    Enjoy your week of bachelorhood, and the movie!

  3. libbie Says:

    there is so much I want to say here but I can’t stop laughing long enough to write any of it down.

  4. Paula Says:

    How sweet that someone paid for you!!!

    Spoke is a hopeless wreck when I am not home. I sometimes have to be gone for a few days if my band is playing far away, and every time I get home, all our friends say “He just mopes!! He sure misses you!” Poor guy.

    Have fun with the Spanish, and enjoy the Simpsons movie!! “Spider pig, spider pig…”

  5. Spoke Says:

    Yes, Paula is actually off for 3 days as we speak. Sometimes Paula AND Meadow abandon me for days…I do mope, I miss them tons!
    When they go, the first thing I do is rent a few flicks they’d hate. I buy some beer and fatty, salty snacks…I smoke cigars INDOORS!!
    I’m a brilliant cook, so this diet is purely out of “spite” Not getting lectured or caught by her….HA!!
    I plan to stay up late…
    I plan a motorbike ride on a day off..
    But you know what I REALLY do? The same mundane tasks I do when they’re home….tidying, chores, work…
    The “fun” of being alone without adult supervision only lasts for a day or so. The novelty soon wears off.
    I remember they were gone for 3 weeks a while back. I went “mad” for a few days…then I found myself in bed by 10 each night.
    I suck! I can’t even be a “wild bachelor” when I’m given the chance…
    We should plan to be alone together…

  6. papa herman Says:

    So far I have done nothing on my “planned list” other than go see the Simpson’s Movie yesterday with my friend Brian.

    I did read a bit Monday nite, but other than that –nada!

    For me, I think the ‘wild bachelor’ concept lost it’s charm even before they left on their trip.

  7. Juliana Says:

    WHat??!! You went to the Simpsons Movie and didn’t even wait for Becket???? Becket says, “NO FAIR, you better not be riding my dirtboard” That is amazing that somone paid for you, very cool, makes me feel like you are being taken care of while I’m gone. Leave some Pabst for me, after a week with kids, and relatives……I need it! See ya soon. BTW Andrew is an awsome traveler, has loved the plane rides, even the one that had only 13 seats on it. “The people on the plane go UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN…..”

  8. spontaneous camping « in the process of weeding out Says:

    […] might recall an earlier blogpost were I shared about an unknown couple buying me dinner. Due to a comment that this young man made I […]

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