First, I need to admit–
1) I have never read a Harry Potter book —I did look at a couple of pages, but nothing.
2) I have never seen a Harry Potter movie
3) I have looked at a Harry Potter website.
4) I care as much about the Harry Potter series as I do about the new iPod.

But I know that there are some people who enjoyed the series and so for those few individuals I share today’s entry from the Urban Dictionary “word of the day”

post-Potter depression:

The empty feeling that comes from finishing the seventh book in the Harry Potter series and realizing there will be no more.
Lucy started reading the Golden Compass books to fight her post-Potter depression but she said she just kept waiting for Voldemort to show up.

I wonder… since the condition has now been defined, will treatment for p-P.d. will be covered by insurance?


7 Responses to “p-P.d.”

  1. Lola Lyndon Says:

    I have only one more season of Sopranos yet to watch and then it will be over too. I can barely pay attention for all the dread of it ending.

  2. Mimi Says:

    I have definitely experienced Post Potter Depression.

  3. belladonna Says:

    I’m with you, Papa Herman. I don’t give a rip about the land of Potter. But I remember being very caught up reading one Robert Heinlein novel after the other in fascinated obsession and then having the realization hit me that the man is now dead and can write no more. I felt a keening howl rise up at the loss of it. We each have our own version of literary nirvana, and for those who truly love books, it’s always kind of sad when the last page is turned.

  4. Stacy Says:

    Unrelated to your post: can I get the digital copy of that Saints of Africa icon?



  5. Spoke Says:

    Yup, I didn’t even see STARWARS first time ’round. I don’t care! LOTR…I went because Paula asked me to go along. I hadda pee badly but she said I should stay seated so I wouldn’t miss anything. I DID something…reality outdoors.
    I do however, get sad each time I come close to finishing my latest copy of GEEZ magazine.

  6. Spoke Says:

    I meant, I DID miss something….

  7. christina Says:

    I’m in the middle of reading my borrowed copy of Harry Potter and I don’t think I will suffer from PPD… but I did suffer PLOTRD (Post Lord of the Rings Depression) after I finished reading the trilogy (not really after watching it, though).

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