reduce, reuse, recycle, remember

One little way that I reduce, reuse, recycle is by re-using the plastic bags that sliced bread comes in from the store. I find the bags make a fine sandwich bag, and it is super roomy for those mega sandwiches or when you want to have more than one sandwich at work –the bag will hold quite a few.

So this morning I made my pb and j sandwiches, bagged them up and packed my lunch.

11:00 rolled around and went to eat. I removed my chips, soda and sandwiches. Upon closer inspection I noticed that I had packed some extra bread… hmmmmm. It was early, so maybe there was some bread in the bag before I packed it. No… I removed a bag from our bag drawer. I pulled out a sandwich and looked between the bread –nothing. I looked at another sandwich –nothing. It was then that it dawned on me, I had packed the bread and left my sandwiches on the counter.

Important note when recycling bags (or other containers;) remember which bag you put the sandwiches in, and in which bag contains the bread you are using to make the sandwiches.


4 Responses to “reduce, reuse, recycle, remember”

  1. christina Says:

    I use those sandwich bags to wrap poopie disposable diapers… if you ever came to our house, I guess I would have to be careful about leaving them on the counter… you might take it to work thinking it was a sandwich and, well, you would have a big surprise for lunch:)

  2. papa herman Says:

    If I thot just bread was a surprise, imagine my reaction if I got to work with some diapers…

  3. libbie Says:

    that is soooooo something my husband would do.

  4. Mimi Says:

    Giggling at this story, I can see myself doing that as well.

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