graphic props to Central Elements


6 Responses to “change”

  1. Amrah Says:

    This pictures rocks.

    You’ve been blogging like crazy since the fam’s been gone. I guess I have quite a few to read…

  2. symphonyguy Says:

    Change is an interesting topic…something about the human psyche is wired to respond positively to change…swap out the light bulbs in a classroom so they are brighter, test scores will go up…change them so they are dimmer….test scores will go up. Maybe that’s why there’s so many denominations…Guttenberg might be a reason, too…anyway, cool graphic above. Tonight I’ll raise a glass of Stout in salute to change…or maybe a glass of orange soda, just to, you know, change things up a bit…

  3. Paula Says:

    Nice. I want to sit on the street corner holding that sign. I like it.

  4. papa herman Says:

    I would like to hold that one too!

  5. Barbara-Marie Drezhlo Says:

    Change and continuity… they are more compatible than you think! For example, there is nothing against a fresh approach to an old topic (I am thinking of Goncharova’s paintings “Mother of God” and “The Mighty Saviour” in particular). One can (and should) encourage a fresh look at old verities; oddly, this affirms the past, it does not cancel it. Change is not a tearing down of the old, though. There is a vast differnce between evoluton and revolution.

    In other words, is change good? Yes! Is rebellion change? Emphatically not!


  6. papa herman Says:

    First- thank you to everyone who comments on this blogsite, I appreciate your thots and opinions. I often do not recomment because my feeling is that usually I have offered my comment by whatever I have blogged about and want to hear other peoples thots… even if they are different than mine.

    Second- This picture shows how art is alive, how just words and images can effect/affect people differently and how we can all see the same thing and it triggers various responses. I like it!

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