While driving the kids home from their friends house this evening, I was amused by the following backseat conversation:

Tansy- Get your seatbelt on. Do you want to go to jail?
Becket- It’s “click it or ticket.”

a brief moment of silence.

Becket- “Drive hammered get nailed.”

Papa Herman- What does “Drive hammered get nailed” mean?
Tansy- Drive drunk you will go to jail.
Tansy- Shouldn’t it be “Drive nailed get hammered”
Becket- The hammer pounds the nail.
Tansy- I still think it should be “Drive nailed get hammered.”

after listening to this banter I asked

Papa Herman: What does hammered mean?
Becket and Tansy: I don’t know.
Papa Herman: What does nailed mean?
Becket and Tansy: I don’t know.

They seem to have been adequately indoctrinated with the slogans– As to understanding the specific word usage in the slogan… I would say… ummm… a little… ify.

2 Responses to “slogans”

  1. Barbara-Marie Drezhlo Says:

    Umm… Nevertheless, it is that not how WE learned to use the language? We should not be looking for anything sinister in such. I do think that brothers and sisters have been tormenting one another for QUITE some time.

    Mea maxima culpa! As the oldest child in our family, I do daresay that I did my share (and more, if you credit my parents) of such! I speak as an expert on the topic!

    Your love for your children shines forth in your two latest posts, Papa Herman. God bless you.


    Becket must have the bladder of a camel if his statement to you in the first post is true! Hmm…

  2. Mimi Says:

    That one always makes me giggle too.

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