rhymes with duped

This post is a bit… earthy. You have been warned.

We are trying to teach Andrew, our 3 year old, to use the toilet. Unlike his older siblings when they were his age, he has no real desire. The way I see it, he has figured out that he can go to the bathroom and have his diaper changed all while watching his favorite TV show. For him it is a win/win situation.

So my dear wife has come up with a plan to get him using the toilet– the bribe.

Every time Andrew uses the toilet and actually goes to the bathroom he can choose a prize. Nothing big, but then when you are three it does not always take much to dazzle you.

So one day while Andrew was on the toilet he farted, and with that fart came a… nugget. Now is accidentially going the bathroom actually going the bathroom??? My wife says that Andrew got her on a technicality; I just find it humerous that she got played by a 3 year old.


2 Responses to “rhymes with duped”

  1. libbie Says:

    the first time my daughter Makayla saw
    her poop in the toilet she freaked out asking
    “what tis it mommy!”
    when I tried to explain to her the best i could she said
    “make it go away make it go away”
    so I flushed the toilet. to which she replied
    “Good job mommy”

  2. Mimi Says:

    She got played, giggle.

    Both of my boys were 3.5, but trained pretty quickly. It was a good thing.

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