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topics of conversation

October 29, 2007

Working as a Correctional Officer in a men’s prison I sometimes wonder what some inmates must think when they ask my thots regarding a recent sporting event, be it football or the world series, only to learn I do not have anything to contribute to the conversation.

Truth be told, I am not a sports fan. In fact I often have no idea regarding who is playing or what the score is. Today I was reminded of this as inmates (and co-workers) wanted to discuss sports results from Sunday with me.

Now should they want to discuss a book, music, gardening, religion or even politics I would have more to contribute to the conversation.

Oh well, it’s only talk.


sometimes a children’s book imitates life, or is it the other way around?

October 28, 2007

As I write this entry my wife, Mother-in-law, and Andrew (our youngest) are at a local emergency room.

Apparently while I was running an errand and my wife was doing some yard work our three children were jumping on beds playing monsters or something –did I fail to mention that the two older ones were suposed to be doing homework.

Anyways, in the process of their non-sanctioned play Andrew jumped from the bed and hit his chin on the bedframe of Becket’s bed.

How does that children’s poem go??? “3 Little monkeys jumping on a bed, one feel off and broke his head….” Hmmmm, I never thot that a nursery rhyme would turn prophetic in my house.

week in retrospect

October 26, 2007

returned home abit after 5pm this evening after spending a week in Lincoln City, OR with the family. my wife and i have not been in Lincoln City since we were pregnant with Tansy, now age eleven. the place has changed (i.e. developed– i will leave it to the residents to decided if that change is for the better or not.) but needless to say, the place has changed since our last visit.

visited ‘The Cradle’ which is the skatepark in L.C. a couple of times– that is how you do holiday when your wife and kids skate. Becket (age eight) hit the bowl and the cradle, and rode them well. Andrew (age three) and i physically ran the bowl well; i guess that would mean we parkour‘d them well. we also visited the newly opened skatepark in Bay City. while there i met the guy who does Dreamland Skateparks.

walked the Lincoln City beach! niceness. the kids had fun playing in the driftwood graveyard.

checked out the tidepools near the Devil’s Punchbowl. also saw seals while we were there.

hit some used bookstores! a must whenever i travel.

the wife and kids went to a party at a bookstore; i forget what the book that the party was in honor of was called…

i have been reading ‘the last american man’ by elizabeth gilbert –if you liked ‘into the wild’ i would reccomend this book highly!! different but, i think those who enjoyed ‘into…’ would like this story of eustace conway.

went to a ‘largest pumpkin’ competition which was pretty cool as i grow pumpkins –although nothing on the scale of these behemoth mamajamas.

Lincoln City has a nice little natural food store which i enjoyed visiting.

visited a lighthouse in Newport, had the curator tell the us the story behind the rumor of the lighthouse being haunted.

and spent some time in the hotel sauna, jacuzzi and pool too.

all in all a relaxing and fun time away. back to work monday morning.

quote of the week:
Becket- Dambeergggmabc
me- what?
Becket- Dad, you smell like Grandpa.
me- what does Grandpa smell like?
Becket- Deodorant.

ps: BIGTIME CONGRATS to Mr H and Mrs H on the birth of their daughter, Kyranna, born this morning!! God grant Kyranna and her family many years!! muchlove to you all!!!!


October 24, 2007

“You must be the change you want to see in the world”
–Mahatma Gandhi


“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” A simple, yet impacting statement. It is easy for me to complain… to point a finger at the problems I see around me and in the world; it is not quite so easy for me to begin to be the solution to those problems that I see.

Baby steps…
Baby steps…

Just as pointing out the problem has it’s place, so does looking for a response to that problem in order to make a change for the better… even if it is just in my own little corner of the world.

Easier said than done for sure.

Baby steps…
Baby steps…

past history of a book

October 22, 2007

We are currently on a week-long holiday in Lincoln City, OR.

The other day we stopped in at a thrift store where I took a look through the various previously read (i.e. used) books.

In my searching of the shelves I came across one of those title-identified “Bathroom Reader” books (i.e. ‘Encylopedia of stuff to read on the toilet’ or something like that.)

Anyways… it was as I was thumbing through it’s pages it all of the sudden dawned on me (as if the title and the fact that the book was used should not have been enough of a clue) BUT it all of the sudden dawned on me as I was taking a gander at the book that “Hey… this book has been in someone elses bathroom.”

I stopped my looking-at of the book and reshelved it.

don’t stop me now

October 21, 2007

Me-thinks that what we need is LESS Elvis impersonators and MORE Freddie impersonators:

Or maybe not.

Okay, less Elvis impersonators… unless they are Elvis Costello impersonators, they’re okay.


October 20, 2007

“Andy Warhol was wrong. In the future, people won’t be famous for fifteen minutes. No, in the future, everyone will sit next to some famous for at least fifteen minutes. ….” from the book ‘RANT’ by Chuck Palahniuk.

This quote makes me think. Hmmmm there might be something to this… even though I did a stint on radio, it did not make me famous (although I was known as “the nearly famous…”) yet I have been around people who drew a bit more media attention:

I have ridden in an elevator with Jesse Jackson and his entourage.
I have escorted Gary Ridgeway .
I have interacted with Kenneth Bianchi.

“….in the future, everyone will sit next to some famous (or perhaps infamous) for at least fifteen minutes…”

Who would you cite as your fifteen minutes of NEXT TO fame?

a quote from Wm. Shakespeare

October 18, 2007


props to Decline and Fall.

Sage Francis- ‘Makeshift Patriot’

October 17, 2007

What follows is a slideshow that was created using the song ‘Makeshift Patriot’ by Sage Francis. (please note that this slideshow, that I found on YouTube, was not created by Sage Francis)

For those who want a bit of background from the lyrical artist himself, a response of sorts to the question: “Just what is Sage Francis talking about?” Here is a clip of Sage France talking about ‘Makeshift Patriot.’

two Andrews

October 15, 2007

My wife and I have been blessed with 3hree children.

It is not uncommon for people to notice the uniqueness of their names–
Tansy (age 11) was named after the tansy plant.

Becket (age 9) named after Thomas a’ Becket

And Andrew (age 3).

The usual comment regarding our children’s names is: “Tansy, Becket, and Andrew? What happened with his name…? ” Understandably, implying that Andrew has a normal name.

But I dispel their inquirery by responding… “He is named after St. Andrew, the Fool for Christ.” That response usually is received with acceptance that though Andrew might be a normal name, the reason behind the name is unique enough to satisfy.

I share that story to say, today Saint Andrew, fool-for-Christ of Constantinople is commemorated today (Oct 2 on the Old School -aka: “Church calendar”).

Read the life of Saint Andrew, Fool-for-Christ here.


Saint Andrew, please pray to God for us all.

Troparion, Tone 4

Thou didst choose foolishness for the sake of Christ/ and didst make the crafty one foolish./ Thou didst persevere with thy struggle in the midst of turmoil,/ and Christ has brought thee to paradise./ Intercede with Him, O Andrew for those who honor thee.


Many years to you my little gromit!!