Tabasco and the Cold War

I enjoy an entertaining conspiracy theory, the more creative the concept behind it the better.

One that I found creative was one that a man at work shared with me how the April 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was a reprisal for the March 1995 Tokyo City subway sarin gas bombing…. I said it was creative.

And so it is not to amazing that I when I came across the following blurb on a website, that was giving ideas for keeping animals out of a person’s garden, it triggered my curiosity:

Try tabasco……it keeps all animals far away from area…the CIA used it to keep animals away from there top secret drop sites during the cold war….they spent millions and found tabasco did the job.

I attempted to find a supporting statement somewhere online, but with no success. So I decided to write the Tabasco company and ask him about this as I figured this was a part of their product history and they would know. Their response was positive, but a smidgeon vague:

I’ve also heard this story; in fact, there is a spy-related documentary that aired on the History Channel (or one of those types of channels) that mentions this use of our product. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the name of the program offhand.

In the words from The X-files “The truth is out there.”


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