don’t stop me now

Me-thinks that what we need is LESS Elvis impersonators and MORE Freddie impersonators:

Or maybe not.

Okay, less Elvis impersonators… unless they are Elvis Costello impersonators, they’re okay.

5 Responses to “don’t stop me now”

  1. Robert Mahoney Says:

    Great video. The Vandals put on one of the greatest shows I ever had the pleasure of going too “back in the day”. I saw them in a club that was made for maybe, I dunno, 4-5 hundred and there had to have been easily 800 packed in. There were so many people who wanted to see them that they agreed to play another show after a 2 hour break, and they said they would do it for free on one condition…they got to demolish the stage. I knew the club owner, and he charged for people to get it ( I think it was $4) and he got another 700 people to buy tickets on the spot…needles to say the Vandals lived up to their name.

    Sigh, I miss the good ole days.

  2. Mimi Says:

    I agree, the world needs more Elvis Costello impersonators. Actually, we once saw one at a bar, pretty good.

  3. Paula Says:

    That was great.

  4. Celebrity Impersonator Blog Says:

    Whats wrong with Elvis Impersonators?


  5. Celebrity Impersonators Says:

    Did anyone Else enjoy the Academy Awards?

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