week in retrospect

returned home abit after 5pm this evening after spending a week in Lincoln City, OR with the family. my wife and i have not been in Lincoln City since we were pregnant with Tansy, now age eleven. the place has changed (i.e. developed– i will leave it to the residents to decided if that change is for the better or not.) but needless to say, the place has changed since our last visit.

visited ‘The Cradle’ which is the skatepark in L.C. a couple of times– that is how you do holiday when your wife and kids skate. Becket (age eight) hit the bowl and the cradle, and rode them well. Andrew (age three) and i physically ran the bowl well; i guess that would mean we parkour‘d them well. we also visited the newly opened skatepark in Bay City. while there i met the guy who does Dreamland Skateparks.

walked the Lincoln City beach! niceness. the kids had fun playing in the driftwood graveyard.

checked out the tidepools near the Devil’s Punchbowl. also saw seals while we were there.

hit some used bookstores! a must whenever i travel.

the wife and kids went to a party at a bookstore; i forget what the book that the party was in honor of was called…

i have been reading ‘the last american man’ by elizabeth gilbert –if you liked ‘into the wild’ i would reccomend this book highly!! different but, i think those who enjoyed ‘into…’ would like this story of eustace conway.

went to a ‘largest pumpkin’ competition which was pretty cool as i grow pumpkins –although nothing on the scale of these behemoth mamajamas.

Lincoln City has a nice little natural food store which i enjoyed visiting.

visited a lighthouse in Newport, had the curator tell the us the story behind the rumor of the lighthouse being haunted.

and spent some time in the hotel sauna, jacuzzi and pool too.

all in all a relaxing and fun time away. back to work monday morning.

quote of the week:
Becket- Dambeergggmabc
me- what?
Becket- Dad, you smell like Grandpa.
me- what does Grandpa smell like?
Becket- Deodorant.

ps: BIGTIME CONGRATS to Mr H and Mrs H on the birth of their daughter, Kyranna, born this morning!! God grant Kyranna and her family many years!! muchlove to you all!!!!

One Response to “week in retrospect”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Whohooooooooooo! I’ve been praying for Mrs. H! Many Years!

    And, my kids say the same thing – I’m not sure if it is my old ears or what, but often all I hear is a jumble of sounds.

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