sometimes a children’s book imitates life, or is it the other way around?

As I write this entry my wife, Mother-in-law, and Andrew (our youngest) are at a local emergency room.

Apparently while I was running an errand and my wife was doing some yard work our three children were jumping on beds playing monsters or something –did I fail to mention that the two older ones were suposed to be doing homework.

Anyways, in the process of their non-sanctioned play Andrew jumped from the bed and hit his chin on the bedframe of Becket’s bed.

How does that children’s poem go??? “3 Little monkeys jumping on a bed, one feel off and broke his head….” Hmmmm, I never thot that a nursery rhyme would turn prophetic in my house.


6 Responses to “sometimes a children’s book imitates life, or is it the other way around?”

  1. papa herman Says:

    UPDATE: Mom and Andrew returned. Only 2 stiches needed.
    Ahhh that is nothing, to quote from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” the scene of King Arthur vs the Black Knight: “It’s just a flesh wound.”

  2. Vara Says:

    Poor little dear! However, it seems that all our little ones do such at least once. He’ll still be a little pistol, though…

  3. Belladonna Says:

    Glad to hear the little monkey is going to be ok! Having made MANY trips to ER’s with my kids (mostly sports injuries) I know how scary that can be.

  4. Mimi Says:

    Ouch, poor little monkey!

  5. libbie Says:

    makayla did the same thing a few months ago but hit the window not the bed. I heard her in her bedroom telling my youngest daughter “don’t tell mom. don’t tell mom.” so of course i go in there ready to be angry when i see her sitting in a corner holding her chin blood running down her neck. 4 stitches later and she hasn’t learned a thing i still catch her jumping on the bed from time to time…….

  6. Margi Says:

    My godson did something similar a couple of years ago. He was jumping from bed to bed because the dog does and actually attempted to demonstrate it for the nice nurse who asked him what he’d been up to. If only their bones were as resilient as their spirits!

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