topics of conversation

Working as a Correctional Officer in a men’s prison I sometimes wonder what some inmates must think when they ask my thots regarding a recent sporting event, be it football or the world series, only to learn I do not have anything to contribute to the conversation.

Truth be told, I am not a sports fan. In fact I often have no idea regarding who is playing or what the score is. Today I was reminded of this as inmates (and co-workers) wanted to discuss sports results from Sunday with me.

Now should they want to discuss a book, music, gardening, religion or even politics I would have more to contribute to the conversation.

Oh well, it’s only talk.


2 Responses to “topics of conversation”

  1. symphonyguy Says:

    So now I’m curious…how do you think they see you when you don’t comment on sports?

  2. libbie Says:

    i will admit i am one of the worst people to talk to about sports
    because i’m that person that doesn’t want you to know they don’t know so i try and act like i do……i know i suck.

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