i think i might have upset the wrong people

I am not a big fan of Halloween –except for the candy, which we DID NOT even get this year.

Anyways, The Mrs. took the kids down to a local carnival yesterday evening while I stayed home with a beer and a book!

They were gone for about an hour when I heard some knocking at the door. “Hmmm I guess they are coming home early” I thot to myself. Since one of the voices sounded like Andrew I assumed that they forgot the housekey.

I went to the door and opened it up, only to hear those words: “Trick or treat.” I did not expect that, and as I said earlier… I did not have any candy.

I responded with, “I don’t have anything.” The adult of the group responded with, “your kidding?” I said, “No.” And with that I just closed the door and walked away without giving it any thot. I had not intended on opening the door to trick or treatres, and they caught me off guard –oh well.

This event, and my percieved rudeness, really did not dawn on me until I verbally shared the story with some coworkers –then it kind of became clear, and I must admit I found humor in the story.

So, I come home from work today and I am walking around the front of the house. I find an eggshell near the front wall. Thinking that perhaps a raccoon had pulled an eggshell from our compost I mentioned it to my wife. She then informed me that our house had been egg’d.

(unintentionally) Rude homeowner + Disappointed trick or treaters = egg thrower????? Coincidence???

I never thot that I would become “that guy.” Of course next year if I should accidentally open the door to trick or treaters I am going to find them something… I get something from our food cupboard if I need to; I can hear me now: “Here little boy, a box of macaroni and cheese.”


9 Responses to “i think i might have upset the wrong people”

  1. libbie Says:

    i will admit i would never have thought out of everyone i know your house would be the one to egged………but seriously that is darn funny….and if i was there right now i would make fun out it….because thats how i roll.

  2. aaron Says:

    Papa…wow. I definitely would have gone to the cupboard, mainly because we’ve always got candy on hand. You gots ta be prepared!

  3. Laura Nee Says:

    Hey…sorry you got egged. I’m glad you have a sense of humor about it.

    This was billed as an “Orthodox Cyber punk story.” I didn’t have time to read it all (and couldn’t completely follow it either) but thought I’d pass it along in case you hadn’t seen it and were interested:


  4. Paula Says:

    Party Pooper!!!!!!

    I wouldn’t have egged your house, but I would have insisted you find me some sugar before I left!


  5. Matthew Says:

    I think you were too nice. I think you should have ended the conversation with, “You get nothing and like it!”

  6. symphonyguy Says:

    What fun…you got tricked…when I was a teen, we wouldn’t have egged your house…instead, we would have filled a paper bag with poop, put it on your porch, lit it on fire, rang your doorbell, and then watched the fun unfold from behind the bushes…

  7. Spoke Says:

    you miserable old bugger…what if I came there with my kids??? ( youth group) and you rooked us? Think on it…15 eggs….15 bags of “fire fun”. I’ve a mind to drive down there and make you eat a bowl of sweet sour bombs….
    Good thing I love ya…or I’d be on my way…and I wouldn’t be polite about it.

    How ya gonna make Christmas a family memory this time???? Water-bucket some carolers? Poop in the plum pudding….?

    You ol’ meany……..HAH.

    disclaimer: Paula here: The man is joking. Don’t egg our house. Thank you.

  8. herman Says:


    I learned my lesson… I am in the process of preparing an “emergency kit” so that I am ready for Trick or Treaters, Carolers, whatever may come to my door.

  9. caught « in the process of weeding out Says:

    […] While reading a comment to a previous post regarding my running a-foul with trick or treaters it dawned on my that this was not my first mishap […]

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