“what a tangled web we weave….”

While reading a comment to a previous post regarding my running a-foul with trick or treaters it dawned on my that this was not my first mishap with people at my front door….

I am not a big fan of door to door salespeople. So one day a guy from some “we sell meat from our car” type of company came to my door pitching his speale, trying to get me to buy their meats.

Okay, I lied… Instead of just telling him “no,” I told him that we were vegetarians.

But he looked through the gate by our front door that leads to our backyard and he saw our bbq’s and smokers sitting 10 feet away. “What’s with all of the barbeques?” He asked…


I told him the bbq’s were for grilling vegetables.

I know… I know….


One Response to ““what a tangled web we weave….””

  1. Laura Nee Says:

    Those people always come to our door during fasting periods. So my response is usually, “we’re not eating meat right now” which thoroughly confuses them.

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