i had too much to dream last nite

I do not remember my dreams very often, so it seems to be a rare occassion when I wake up remembering a specific dream. When that happens, my favorite dreams are ones where I have been flying.

Most of the time I fly by flapping my arms; as opposed to flying like Superman. I like those dreams, just flying around. Nice.

Last nite I had one that was a bit odd, but I seemed to enjoy almost as much as the flying dreams.

Last nite I dreamt that I was hopping about on a pogo stick! And not just little wimpy hops. I was hopping up about 20 feet in the air, and getting some air time while I was up there. It was great.

I even dreamed that I was hopping on the pogo stick at work, and considering that I work in a prison… I guess that is why they call it a dream.

I am not into the whole “what do dreams mean” thing, but I wonder why I was dreaming that I was on a pogo stick?



the story continues: While looking for a picture of a pogo stick to include with this post I came across the following picture:


This is a picture of a guy (okay a kid) riding the Vurtego pogo stick. The description of this mama-jama is: “This is the pogo stick that set the world record for highest jump, and is capable of jumping more than 7′ in the air using an air compression spring that generates over 1,500 pounds of thrust, more than any pogo stick available. …. Tension is calibrated in relation to your weight and pogo skill level, and regular use can result in greater bone density and improved cardiovascular health.”

Okay so 7 feet is not 20 feet, but close enough for starters… Dreams do come true!!!!

Then I saw these videos:

I need to write Santa a letter!

(pic/video/product source)


5 Responses to “i had too much to dream last nite”

  1. 01varvara Says:

    Hmm… since you are on the traditional Orthodox calendar you are going to have to ask Dyedye Moroz (Grandpa Frost) for your pogo stick. I happen to know that his house is in Veliki Ustiug in the Russian Federation…

    The above is no hu-hu! In Veliki Ustiug, there is actually a tourist trap called “Dyedye Moroz’s House”. I kid you not! Now, if you send a nice letter to Veliki Ustiug addressed to Dyedye Moroz…

    a very puckish (and playful) Vara

  2. mimima Says:

    Hey, if you get a pogo stick I want to come over and play, that looks awesome!

  3. Belladonna Says:

    Papa Herman, I could TOTALLY see you on a pogo stick. GO FOR IT!

  4. libbie Says:

    i once dreamt that i was forced to pogo stick around the world and no body would give me water for my thirst. which in my dream wasn’t fun at all.

  5. Anita Zazula Says:


    Dreaming of a pogo stick is symbolic of not moving forward in a situaltion, hence jumping on the same spot.
    Hope I helped.

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