Sadao Watanabe

Recently I have been exposed to, and enjoying the artwork of Japanese artist: Sadao Watanabe.

He was a printmaker, whose work was associated with the mingei movement. Mingei is basically a Japanese folk art.

Some of Sadao Watanabe’s work reminds me of Coptic Icons. I enjoy his simple style.

Flight into Egypt:

Cleansing the Temple:

The Last Supper:

See more examples of Sadao Watanabe’s work here.


2 Responses to “Sadao Watanabe”

  1. mimima Says:

    Those do look Coptic. Thank you, they are gorgeous.

  2. 01varvara Says:

    Papa Herman!

    More?? This is great… I love seeing all forms of art. Keep looking for more, sir. If we all do our part, we shall be able to bring forth wonderful things from the store-cupboard for all of us to share.

    You see, a picture communicates much more rapidly and on a more visceral level than do words alone. That is why we are called to be “living icons”. The silent witness of our lives is akin to the mute (but eloquent) message of the picture. That is why all “mission statements”, glossy magazines, and pseudo-Evangelical “techniques” are mere wind in comparison to the quiet exercise of the Faith. “Whenever you did this to the least of these, my brethren…”


    Note that Our Lord Christ did NOT say, “Whenever you SAID this to the least of these, my brethren…”

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