a quote to ponder

“Patriotism, in my view, does not mean unquestioning acceptance of whatever the government does. To go along with whatever your government does is not a characteristic of democracy. I remember in my own early education we were taught that it was a sign of a totalitarian state, of a dictatorship, when people did not question what their government did. If you live in a democratic state, it means you have the right to criticize your government’s policies.” –Howard Zinn


2 Responses to “a quote to ponder”

  1. Spoke Says:

    Man, the times I’ve been raked over the coals for questioning Authority. Imagine the human race acting like a revolution of lemmings…” C’mon lads, he said jump! “.

  2. 01varvara Says:

    You don’t even have to shout… just disagree with the parish loudmouths and/or gossips and see what happens! The result is not for the squeamish.


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