Yesterday the first real snow fell on Walla Walla. I always think that Winter is a good time of year to read from ‘The Northern Thebaid.’ It is just that reading about monastic Saints from the Russian North seems appropriate during this time of year… the weather gives you a feel for their world. By the same token I think Summer is a good time to read about the Desert Fathers and Mothers. But then what do I know, I have never been to the Russian North or to the deserts of Egypt.

Because of the snow’s arrival our three year old, Andrew, put on his sister’s snow boots and went outside. Perhaps he was a bit confused, apparently he thinks when there is snow there should also be a Christmas tree.

While outside he walked around the yard, periodically shoving snow into his mouth. He was stopped when he got too close to the street and was eating, what my wife refered to as “street snow.”

I was glad to learn he was eating snow from the front yard, as our dog spends time in the back yard.


In Church we pray for “seasonable weather” and in our part of the country this is some of our “seasonable weather.” Enjoy your “seasonable weather,” whatever it may like.

Thots regarding English snow words: here.

5 Responses to “snow”

  1. 01varvara Says:

    “Our dog spends time in the back yard”… perhaps, a little too much information? (smile) Seriously, isn’t it wonderful what our children do? It reminds us of the innocence and purity of what God intended for us.


  2. mimima Says:

    I love snow! Enjoy and be safe.

  3. Belladonna Says:

    Snow? YIKES! I’ve spent the last few days hiking a humid jungle and snorkeling in azure blue waters. Coming back to cold weather next week will be a shock!

  4. Mike Says:

    My dear Herman,

    How right you are….snow is magical. Too bad it didn’t stick around for very long.

    I always reread “A Christmas Carol” this time of year. Dickens isn’t Russian, but I hope you don’t hold that against him. He’s a wonderful writer and this tale is actually surprisingly funny at times. I see something new in it every time I read it. This year, Luke wants to hear it, so I’ll read it out loud…not just any 14 year old would let the old man read to them…I’m lucky.

  5. and the winner is… « in the process of weeding out Says:

    […] the winner is… Recently Andrew showed his fondness for eating […]

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