re: facial hair

I have a beard.

It’s not that I like facial hair; it is just that I like NOT like shaving more.

But since I do have a beard… In cold wintery weather I like getting it wet and then going outside so that it gets all frosty making me look like some madman that came in from the cold.


5 Responses to “re: facial hair”

  1. mimima Says:

    Tee hee.

  2. libbie Says:

    this reminds me of a joke you, john and I were making one day at you remember it.
    i don’t fully recall the whole thing but i do remember it had something to do with your beard, and long hair at the time and you seemly looking like a mad man luring us children to your evil den….and what people must think when they pass us by….I also believe that there were some serious moments of acting out this joke that lead to me almost peeing my pants……which come to think about it I have almost done way to many times in your presence.

  3. Rika Says:

    I’m a tad jealous. You can camouflage your face for winter!

  4. aka: herman Says:

    Libbie you make me laugh.

    Rika I do not know if it is camouflage so much as it is physical evidence of my laziness.

  5. Spoke Says:

    I was chopping wood in minus 5 F last year. I wore a balaclava…and my beard. When I had finished, I couldn’t get the mask off because it had become wet with my breath and frozen to my beard. I had to go inside to thaw out before pulling up my balaclava….

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