My wife and I are currently involved in a Silent Auction to benefit our children’s school.

This Silent Auction features ‘skate art.’ Using skateboard decks as the canvas, various local artists have dontated their time and talent to create some one-of-a-kind skateboard decks.

It was while I was looking at Vara’s Art and Faith blog today that I was reminded of one of the decks. It is a skateboard deck painted by my son’s Godmother, Toni Groff. The deck features a painting of ‘St. George and the dragon’ (please note: this is a painting not an Icon.)


Toni shared with my wife that the inspiration of using St. George for the deck was to feature a Christian hero, and because she has had enough of skulls.


We have created a blogsite that features photos of the different pieces of skate art, please take a moment to visit the site here: Skate Art – silent auction for St. Basil Academy.


2 Responses to “art”

  1. 01varvara Says:

    Do NOT be defensive about this. Orthodox people put the images of saints on many things of everyday use… I sent the image to some Russian friends, and they think it is just FINE. For my part, I LOVED it. As for the naysayers… fie on them and all their works, I say.

    May God watch you in this hectic holiday season.


  2. Spoke Says:

    Good ol’ Saint George! We Brits love him!

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