I have a car.

Many people have names for their car. When I was a kid we called my parent’s green Nova “climby;” I think this name was perhaps more of an encouragement to the car for those times when the car would have to climb a hill. Why we give a name to non-living thing I will never know.

But then, I too have a name for my car.

I call my car: Free Car. Maybe this is more of a description or explanation than a name. I call the car “free car” because the car was given to me when my former vehicle went kaput. I totally appreciate the gift that this car is. My understanding is that I am the 3rd free owner of this specific car.

All of that to say, lately I have been listening to Flogging Molly while driving to and fro in Free Car….

Flogging Molly: “What’s Left of the Flag”


4 Responses to “03:41”

  1. 01varvara Says:

    We have two cars. One is the “duck”, because its license plate is “DKK”. The other is the “duckel”, because its plate is DKL”. You are NOT alone.


  2. libbie Says:

    i must say that i happen to be a big fan of flogging molly

  3. libbie Says:

    ps….my jeep in high school was called “big bertha” in fact i think john and i can up with that name together

  4. mimima Says:


    We have Wolfgang and Skippy, here.

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