just an observation

Today I was in a store with my wife. In the store I saw a flat wooden sign that was for sale. On this sign was painted the word: simplify.

The board cost $21.00

3 Responses to “just an observation”

  1. 01varvara Says:

    It IS simple. Look at the steps in the process!

    1. “I painted this board!”

    2. “Open your wallet!”

    3. “Thank you!”

    I did NOT say that it makes sense; I said it was “simple”…


  2. libbie Says:

    i remember being at the beach with some family and going into this really pricey store and a member of my family picking up this piece of beach wood that had the word “Dream” on it….she just had to have it when she showed me the price I remember thinking “for that price I hope that beach wood makes dreams come true or is secretly made of gold”
    oh what we foolishly buy for the sake of buying things.

  3. Spoke Says:

    Meadow and I waiting for 5 minutes in the A&W drive through in town one day. When we got to the order speaker, I told the girl that we didn’t want anything…that I had taken a wrong turn.
    When we got to the window, the staff was cheering us on as we drove away smiling….

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