re: Santa


As a father of 3 (ages 3 to 11) I am a fan of Santa Claus.

I grew up in a Christian family where the season of Advent brought with it evening devotions where we would lite a candle/s in the Advent Wreath, hear a Bible story and sometimes a sing song. And in those days before Christmas we also eagerly awaited the arrival of Santa Claus, who would show up after we went to sleep on Christmas Eve. But even with Santa’s anticipated visit my parents kept the real meaning of Christmas, the birth of Christ, in focus for us and as a result the real reason for Christmas was never lost. I would be lying if I did not say that I was probably more excited for Santa’s visit than Christmas Eve service; but wouldn’t most kids be more excited for presents regardless if they gifts came from Santa or Mom and Dad. It is a part of growing up, as we mature, that we learn to put things in their proper perspective.

As I got older and realized that Santa was not real, I never felt deceived. I just remembered the days of Santa with fondness. And even as the ‘belief’ in Santa faded, the belief in Christ and the celebration of His birth never did.

If I may stir the pot: If you get rid of Santa then do you, for the sake of consistency, also toss out the tooth fairy, blowing out birthday candles while making a wish and etc? –Because that stuff is not real either.

Yes there is a balance… I am not advocating the blind practice of every childhood fairytale.

Having a Santa… Not having a Santa… either way, parenting is not easy. With God’s help, may we all do the best we can to be faithful in the task that we have been given to raise our children. As parents we will make mistakes; and when we do it is important to Confess if necessary, get back up and keep at it.


3 Responses to “re: Santa”

  1. Spoke Says:

    Amen brother! In my home, Santa didn’t like milk…he liked a glass of beer. I honestly believed it!
    Today at 13, my daughter puts a beer out for Santa. She says ” hey, the ol’ guy must get thirsty…”
    She tried for years to hang on to Santa…what a great guy!
    Happy Christmas brother!

  2. 01varvara Says:

    I do daresay!

    Dede Moroz is quite real, and he lives in Veliki Ustiug (honest to God, there is a “Dede Moroz House” there). So, there, grinches!

    People without myth in their life are terribly earnest, keen, and BORING.

    I agree… a good glass of pivo is just what Santa needs (who knows? He may be using his six white boomers!).


  3. Mike Says:

    I’m a Santa fan, kids tell “me” he isn’t real, but I don’t believe it.

    Vara is right about people without myth…and Santa is one of the true myths, as CS Lewis would say.

    Sorry I missed you at church today, but Marieka and I went skiing. It was magical day and I was treated with some time with my delightful 17-year-old daughter…talk about good magic. She gave me a great Christmas present, and I got to enjoy it a few days early.

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