Benazir Bhutto: 1953 – 2007


Lord have mercy.

At the risk of jumping on a current affairs bandwagon, I want to share my simple thots regarding the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

Like many, I knew nothing of Benazir Bhutto; that is until a couple of months ago when my wife and I watched a news program talking about her. In this program the reporters were there as an attempt on her life occured. She was told to not go into the to outer areas, but she refused saying she would still go out there; just she would not previously announce her coming to help thwart those who would try to take her life.

From that program I was curious about this lady whom I had never heard about before, and whom I knew nothing about. But because of that news program, I was interested to see what she would do and what she was about. Now we will never know.

I was saddened as I learned the news of her assassination Thursday morning. I guess I mourn the loss of what could have been.


2 Responses to “Benazir Bhutto: 1953 – 2007”

  1. Pradeep Says:

    Benazir was a brave woman. It’s sad that she has been denied a chance to make Pakistan a great country.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Nice Avengers tribute…I have a CD of the long lost, unavailable “Pink” album if you want a copy…in my book definitely one of the top 5 pre-80 punk albums …

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