confession from novice soccer parents.

Our daughter Tansy has started indoor soccer. One thing that confirmed to us, was the fact that we are not soccer parents–at least not yet. Our novice status still sticks out a bit.

Exhibit A:
My wife gets Tansy ready for her first practice. She has Tansy put on her shin guards on over her socks. Thanks to a young friend of Tansy, when they got to practice she quickly schooled Tansy (and my wife) to the fact that the shin guards go on UNDER the socks.

Why do they make shin guards in colors if no one is suposed to see them?


3 Responses to “confession from novice soccer parents.”

  1. Belladonna Says:

    Papa H – Maybe it’s for the same reason some of us buy flashy underwear. It makes me feel exotic just knowing that lepard skin is hugging my bod even if no one else ever sees it. Except this would back fire in gradeschool when I had days of the week underwear and would inevitably end up wearing Wednesday on Friday because I’d just grab whatever was clean in the drawer and then feel disoriented and discombobulated all the day long.

  2. mimima Says:

    Indoor soccer is like pinball – what fun!

    I’m not sure I would have pulled that out of my head either, but now that you mention it, I do know that about shin guards.

    And, I’m giggling at Belladonna’s comment.

  3. Rika Says:

    My shin-guards are Kevlar. People should see, but no they don’t. At least I’ll be safe in a shoot-out.

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