it is just a prediction

With only a couple handfulls of States having completed their Presidential Primaries/Caucus’ so far, I am willing to make my prediction of who our next United States President will be.

This prediction does not mean that I like (or don’t like) the answer, or that this is the candidate whom I support (truth be told I currently support no candidate or political party.) This is just my prediction.

With that said…

I predict, whether anyone likes it or not, that our next President will be Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Why do I make this prediction?

–Mrs. Clinton knows how to communicate. And it seems that in a debate setting she can communicate her stance concisely, which is a plus in that setting.

–But more so, my prediction is fueled not so much about what people like about Mrs. Clinton; but rather what they do not like about the Republicans.

–Many Americans are tired of our current Administration, and so they do not want a repeat.

–Many Americans are no supportive of the current situation in Iraq, Iran, and etc…. Although Americans may not know what the answer is… what they are currently seeing is not what they want.

–Candidates like Ron Paul (Republican) have drawn some support from various fronts. I seen reports of people from Priests to punks to Rastafarians who support this man, a fact that I find very interesting and worth noting. Mr. Paul does seem to generate interest from many different types of people who would probably be surprised to see each other in the same room. But I kind of see Ron Paul as the Ralph Nader in this current run for the White House. But whereas Nader received votes that hurt the Democratic candidate; Mr. Paul, should he run without support from the Republican party, will take votes that will impact the Republican candidate.

–Whomever the Republican party will end up nominating for President, this person will not be a person who can draw support from the majority of undecided Americans. If they do it will not be a vote for the candidate, it will be a vote against Mrs. Clinton.

Like I said earlier, I currently support NO political party. I would not cite my political affiliation as being with any of the major political parties. Rather, like many Americans (of the United States variety), my viewpoints are all over the map. So do not take the reasons behind my prediction as a wake up call to Republicans, anti-Democrats, anti-Hilary’s or the like. And do not take my prediction of Mrs. Clinton as the next President to be a ‘rally the troops we are on our way to the White House’ cry to her supporters. The thots expressed in this post are nothing more than: my prediction.

Whether you liked what I have to say or not…
Whether you are indifferent to what I have to say or not…
My only request, my only encouragement is for you to find what candidate best supports your points of view and vote for that person.

Or you could support:


As scary as that would be….

Come November we will see how this all worked out.

In the meantime here are some websites you might find helpful:
Project Vote Smart
Smart Voter Money in Politics data


15 Responses to “it is just a prediction”

  1. Katzenelson Says:

    Can’t see you being right on this one – but good luck anyway!


  2. lauranee Says:

    I’ll write your name in:

  3. Mike Says:

    okay, we should bet on it to make it interesting…maybe a taco or a beer something?

    You may be right about Paul, but I don’t think so. His racist, homophobic, anti-immigration rants that appeared in his early 90s newsletters have effectively killed what small chance his campaign had to make a difference. Most politicians are a bit loony, but this guy seems to be a real piece of work.

    Now, if Paul was pulling the kind of poll numbers that Ross Perot was pulling in ’92, and then decided to run as an independent, you might have something about his impact on a Republican candidate.

    I’m writing you in for president, dude…and I bet the FBI is already keeping an eye on this blog…

  4. Katzenelson Says:

    Beer AND taco: šŸ˜‰

  5. mimima Says:

    I’d so vote for you.

  6. Agni Says:

    I pray your prediction does not come to fruition. Hey, that almost rhymes.

  7. Spoke Says:

    My vote is for…..

  8. David aka JustinM Says:

    Hilary??? Oh why did you have to write those words? Why?!?

    I’m not a party loyalist either. Both have their unrealistic utopias they are trying to push. I like many candidates on both sides and i think the time is right for a woman president, but…

  9. aaron Says:


    I believe you may be right. For the few who are saying, “Anyone but Hilary” there are many more, I believe, who are saying, “Anyone but another Republican.” Hilary or Barak is my prediction.

    And personally, I say, anyone but a continuation of the Bush/Clinton dynasty.

    But as Garth famously said probably quoting someone more famous, “We fear change!”

  10. libbie Says:

    I had a very similar conversation with my father tonight and made the very same prediction as you have.

    My biggest hope for this election is to have an amazing turn out at the polls.
    i would like to see our nation (meaning us the citizens) take responsibility for our country. Instead of blaming only our leaders.

    I remember a quote but Albert Einstein that said “I don’t know what weapons World War Three will be fought with. but World War Four will be fought with sticks and stones.”

    Somehow this election makes me feel closer to seeing this quote in person then I ever truly thought imaginable.

  11. Belladonna Says:

    What – no whiskers?

  12. handmaid Says:

    Voting party lines is for Communists and Baathists. One must work for liberty and freedom continually. Ron Paul would have a legitimate shot if people would vote for policy, ideas and the integrity of the actual person. His record in the Congress shows what he is made of and what he has done.

    Instead, we get people who believe erroneous reports on what they think Ron Paul wrote back in the ’90s. This from the same media who when interviewing this candidate tells him to his face “You won’t win.” Is the election over? Are they getting news briefs from on high? Are the pundits “prophets?” How can any right thinking citizen accept that it is appropriate for the media to be saying what ideas are legitimate & to be placed before the American people. The candidates are put forward, and they give us their ideas and we, the people are supposed to choose.

    Yet, this is not how it works in our two party system. The fourth estate is compromised.

    I refuse this time. I will follow my conscience and do what is right for my country and neither Hillary Clinton and her progressive socialism nor any of the Neo-Con Republicans are worthy of this country. None of them follow the Constitution and all of them want big government. Time to end it.

    I am voting Ron Paul.

  13. now it is getting interesting « in the process of weeding out Says:

    […] additions to this post: –I wonder how this news will impact my earlier prediction? –Silouan shares a “Message to Ralph Nader” (additions posted at 2:43pm on […]

  14. Billyboi Says:

    McCain will be your next president…
    Obama will not win… watch and see how this goes down, I bet you money on Diebold Machines they are set for McCain, never failed yet, why start this year? And we have the little trouble of “Assassination” which I don’t hope on anyone, but Obama is clearly in a mess any way he turns the corner, Hillary lost the nomination, you know why? Because she could have beat McCain, see, Obama has been stood up by the GOP… so much dirt on him and more to come, watch and see… Before November Obama will probably know he is done in! NH is where it all started with the “fix” and now I’m sure it will be in McCain’s favor… I truly hate this, but it will happen… allot of people will be mad, especially Obamamites, but can’t please everyone! Most Hillary supporters are now focusing on McCain, no one wants Obama in the Oval Office… he is a redo of a radical Jimmy Carter… LOL, it will be fun to watch, I voted McCain by the way, tired of a divided democratic party… that was in the “fix” to if anyone hasn’t noticed.

  15. layne (herman) Says:

    Well… I admit it– I was wrong.

    Not the first time, won’t be the last.

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