interpreting kidspeak

Last nite, the final evening of an extended out-of-school weekend for my two older kids, turned into an ordeal over homework.

And so hearing my wife ask about homework status after school today was no surprise. Although the following dialog did provide yet another glimpse into kidspeak–

Mom: “Do you have homework?”
Becket: “Not exactly…”

Not exactly? That sounds like a yes to me.

As I listened to the conversation continue it turns out that “not exactly” meant that he had Latin homework to do.

And Andrew, learning that his brother has Latin, must think that Latin is something a person would want to have because he is telling my wife, “I want Latin.”

Ah dear Andrew, your day will come my son… your day will come. And you will probably not be so excited about Latin (or any other homework for that matter) then.


One Response to “interpreting kidspeak”

  1. 01varvara Says:

    DO enjoy him at three… it truly does not last long. It is an age when the personality of a child starts coming forward, and when one can see the shape of their talents and gifts. I say… ENJOY. God has given you this time… do NOT waste it. Innocence does not last, I am afraid.

    Don’t think about it, for God’s sake. LIVE IT. You shall not regret it.


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